Sunday , August 7 2022

Inspired by Bruce Spence, Donald Trump


According to the legendary rock band Bruce Springsteen, the United States will not be in the White House with President Donald Trump on his glorious days.

Springsween said in an interview with Esquire that his president was "dangerous" and that his inalienable policy was "a crime."

The movie "Trump" has shown no interest in bringing it into the country, and, in fact, is interested in splitting us every day, "says Run To Run singer. "Here's just a crime against humanity," he said.

While discussing the song The Ties That Bind in 1980, several 69-year-old gamma winners claim that it is unacceptable for family and community bonds to be involved with Trump.

"He abandoned many things, and he was influenced by it," Sprint said. "He was badly damaged at the bottom. … Anyone in this position does not feel deeply attached to contacts, it is a very dangerous person and he is very sorry. "

Springsteen criticized Trump's frontier policy during a show at Broadway in June, calling it "immortal immoral" and "Americans."

But on December 16, Netflix was attacked by one of the country's leading choirs in the essay "Springsteen on Broadway," an Esquire article. Sort.

"I think we will save Tramba," he said. "But I do not know if I can see a single figure in the horizon. It bothered me.

Check out Esquire's full interview with Springsteen here.

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