Saturday , January 22 2022

K-Pop Band BTS Company was filmed on Japanese TV


Hong Kong – They're called the largest group in the world, and even recently called for a meeting at the United Nations – the first honorable K-Pop group.

The Japanese television station, which proves that world-renowned pop groups were not protected from political tensions, blocked a live broadcast on Thursday for the South Korean BTS band. members of the group.

T-shirts have shown the famous historical image of a flooded cloud coming up in Nagasaki, Japan, and some say that the Americans used atomic bombs against Japan at the end of the Second World War.

"Having talked about the group's intentions, talking about the group's agency, we have, unfortunately, decided to halt their work at this time," wrote Asahi Net TV on a Japanese TV station posted on the Music Station website.

The events that led to the escalation of relations between the two countries after the Korean Peninsula's liberation from the Japanese colonial power for more than seven years after the defeat of the imperial Japan during the Second World War (later divided into North and South Korea). On August 15, North and South Korea annually celebrates Japan Day as Victory.

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