Friday , May 20 2022

Kate McKinnon and Robert De Niro's "SNL" cold-hungry sent to the Jeff Sessions


Saturday Night Live & # 39;usually watching the biggest political event of the week, but it's hard to understand which one should pay attention to in our daily 24/7 news cycle. Fortunately, this week was easy – General Prosecutor Jeff Secions was dismissed, Saturday night and Kate McCinnon sent Jeff Seessions in a perfect, comfortable way – Robert De Niro was repressed as Robert Muller. Oh, and some Adele.

Sketch of Edausya Bryant opens with Sarah Xakabi Sanders, who seeks the White House for Jeff Sessistar, who must immediately release the building – he knows, and he does not work there, so he has to clean his table. The sections are played by McKinnon, and are hiding on the table, and soon he recalls all the awesome things he did under the Prosecutor General's case when he bought all his office supplies (NAACP Award and Coffee from Sarcastic). There is a secret message for a mug with a Confederate flag and a hidden racist. But it is too much for Sessions that leave the President and regret that Trump has been asking for resignation. So he takes it to the song – Adel's "Man Like You". Who was not there?

Prior to the sessions, he can absorb what he can be left behind, and he is also known by his own home audience – Robert De Niro, a leading researcher in Russia, Robert Mueller, and Jeff Session. Oh, boy, Muller is not happy sessions. But no, Muller is here for sessions – at least it can not be taken away. She thanked her for helping her investigate – Sessions help her not even know. Then he sings about Adel, and Muller joins him. We live in what kind of world, right?

Robert De Niro is an open critic of President Trump, so it is not surprising that De Niro wants to return. Saturday night Both the tramp and its fall management. While the Russian investigation is ongoing, De Niro's Muller is always ready to turn her into a strict, fair trial.

Unfortunately, these viewers have to say goodbye to the McKinnon Sessions. Kate McKinnon is more impressive than anyone else Saturday night, but sessions are his most respected and funny – do I think the Keebler Elf, whose sessions are on the tree? McCinnon was always trying to make a man who was heading horrible things, he was a satirist, but when it comes to power, comics and press are needed. McInnton hopes to find the same thing sooner or later.

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