Tuesday , August 16 2022

Microsoft has reached an agreement worth $ 479 million on the reality systems added to it


Altaf Qadri (AP)

According to Microsoft Bloomberg, Wednesday's US $ 479 million platform has provided the United States Integrated Visualization System (IVAS) prototype that has reduced other companies competing for the contract.

According to the Government's recommendation, the program aims to "exploit the potential of defense and attack by using innovative components." According to the Bloomberg contract, the military contract expands Microsoft's 100% original handsets and HoloLens technology. The technical characteristics shown by the military show seem to be suitable for use in active combat roles:

Devices expect consumers to be different from their counts based on several important features. In a document developed jointly with companies trading under the contract, the army proposed a combination of night-vision and thermal sensitivity, measurement of vital signs such as respiration and readiness, and protection of hearing and hearing. According to him, the winner will deliver 2.5 thousand headphones in two years and show full-scale production capacities.

A Gizmodo e-mail statement from Microsoft's representative said: "Integrated reality technology provides more and better information for military decisions." "This new work expands our relationship with the Ministry of Defense for a long time."

The deal is a major loss for competitors such as Magic Leap, as Bloomberg points out, among more than two dozen companies (Magic Leap is always a clear opponent).

As Bloomberg points out, contract news begins to come to an agreement on a military cloud report that can be estimated up to $ 10 billion if Microsoft and its employees are concerned about the Joint Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract. Also, Microsoft employees are also concerned about other contracts that have been criticized by government agencies, including human rights immigration and customs control.

Last month, Microsoft's employees wrote in an open letter that "many Microsoft employees do not believe in the use of warfare. "When we decided to work in Microsoft, we hope to get more out of everybody on our planet, not stopping life and increasing our mortality.

Brad Smith, the president of the company, later suggested that the company support its military equipment, patriotic-based, and will support the company with its "high-powered US defense" technology.

Smith also noted the relationship with the Ministry of Defense, suggesting that the proposal for the JEDI project is simply expanding military service, which depends on simple technology. He introduced a seductive tango that he thought was supposed to have access to the technology of the military, because the citizens were liberating the slaves during the Civil War and fought with the Nazi:

We decided to support the Ministry of Defense this summer and support this project. Everyone living in this country depends on his strengths. People who are vital to our military service and who work for critical history. Certainly, no institution is perfect or disadvantageous, as it relates to the US military. But one thing is clear. Millions of Americans have been helping liberate African-Americans freed from cruel and degrading wars, including the Civil War, and to tyrannical nations in Western Europe during the Second World War. Today citizens of our citizens live not as their first defense line, but often as the first aid to the people of the world, often in hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and other accidents.

You do not know if your company has a great way to protect your dubious business relationships with military-industrial complex, but that's not necessarily the case.

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