Saturday , October 23 2021

Microsoft issues a new Windows 10 preview with header theme, enhancements for printing and printing


Microsoft has improved the look of the new Windows 10 with a lightweight theme and cutting, printing, Windows Update, brightness, and screen reader. This construction is from the 19H1 branch in the first half of next year.

Windows 10 is developing as a service, and it takes on new features on a regular basis. Microsoft has released six major updates: November Revision, Anniversary Update, Authors Update, Flood Release, April 2018, October 2018.

Given the immediate focus on dark topics, Microsoft is eager to show some love fans of the light theme. If you select this option (Options => Personalization => Colors => Light) in this task, click the task pane, Start menu, Action center, touch keyboard, and more. will be. There is a new default Wallpaper (as above).

Snip & Sketch retrieves window mode. At present, there is a new experience for 50% of the Insiders.

Print was good too. The modern printing dialogs, of course, support lightweight theme, but also print options include icons, and some drop-down options have a schema of settings. If you have a long printer name, it will wrap your face no longer than cut off.

Windows Update has received two improvements: Suspend Updates and Intelligent Clock. The previous page is right (Settings => Update and Security => Windows Update). The latter will automatically adjust the active time based on your device's actions (Settings => Update and Security => Windows Update => Active clock).

When it comes to brightness, do you know when you turn on your device and change the display brightness? Windows 10 now remembers the setting of the display brightness, regardless of battery power or charger.

Finally, the screen speaker received enhancements to optimize phonetic readings by listening to enhanced data, enhanced (less errors), Speaking Braille support.

Bug fixes and known issues

This 19H1 assembly incorporates the following common errors and improvements:

  • The issue has been resolved over the last few weeks when interacting with video files that cause File Explorer to freeze.
  • The issue has recently been solved due to the appearance of x86 applications and games that display dirty text on the last few flights, where text appears in the shade.
  • If you are not running an error that detects an unexpected source of kernel convertions in certain games, check out the games for available updates.
  • When you scroll over the navigation bar on the Start screen, it automatically extends after a short period of time. Some of these Insiders have already been there for some time now and now they are all Insiders.
  • A shadow has been added to the Action Center to fit the shadow you've seen along the boundaries of the other Tasks Store.
  • Some users have resolved a problem that does not allow installing Win32's default settings by Open With Open for … for certain application and file type combinations … or Settings> Applications> Default.
  • In Task view, the problem is solved by clicking right-click on the open program and the context menu will not appear.
  • When typing the touch pad Chinese with Bopomofo IME, the problem was resolved incorrectly.
  • Some screen enhancements to the screen saver and Chrome browser experience.
  • The user turns off the trust when the scan mode reaches Word Online, making it easier to type.
  • If your computer is set to double-check on the latest devices, it has adjusted the competing status of the blue screen.
  • Some insiders have resolved the issue at any time while the PDC_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT error check / Green Screen is in standby mode.
  • The issue that brought you the Network button on the recently-opened Login screen has been solved.
  • Getting Things Ready has been resolved by some users who have noticed upgrading status updates between download and installation (often with a 0x8024200d error due to download failure).
  • Update the Initiatives and task pane jump lists to access Fluent Design now.

Today's updates have brought Windows 10's 19H1 branch of the 18282 to compile 18277 (accessible to testers on November 7).

There are seven known issues in this construction:

  • The Microsoft Excel file opened in Microsoft Edge might not be displayed correctly (rather than using the entire space).
  • If comments are enabled, hyperlinks must be cleared in the Tag mode.
  • After you change your account password or PIN, the settings page is broken (use CTRL + ALT + DEL instead).
  • Depending on the merge conflict, Dynamic lock on / off settings are missing from the Input settings.
  • Settings have fallen when you click See "Save Save on Other Drives" in "Save System".
  • Remote Desktop only shows some browsers a black screen.
  • If you have installed any of the latest builds from a fast router, and switching to developer mode, such as Slow Call – switch to additional content. To add / set additional content you need to stay in Fast ring. This sets only those optional content that is attached to special rings.

As always, do not install this unit.

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