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My mother, who thought her son had been brainwashed, was surprised at the oncologic diagnosis


The mother, who thought her four-year-old boy was cold, was out of the ordinary cold when she had cancer.

Grout Cook, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, was happy and healthy before her mother, Carly noticed that in September last year we were ahead of her.

After convincing her son to be cold-blooded, causing conjunctivitis, Harry's face had not yet been tested and she had not been diagnosed with cancer after her nose.

In January of this year, Harry was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma – rare bone cancer, and since then has had to exacerbate chemotherapy for reducing its cancer and for the new US treatment.

Guary Cook, Tewkesbury, Gloucester, diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma

Harry is now in remission after nine months of treatment, and his mother Carly shares her story.

Carli, a self-help massage physician, says: "Harry was often cold, so first I did not think about his crying.

"Doctors agree that this might be cold, but it's blocked every week.

"It did not please him, he was happy all the time.

"But when his face began to shine, he was transferred from our GP to an expert.

"Once, when we arrived at six doctors, it seemed to me that we were really worried.

"The NHS has done everything possible, but we do not understand how important it is.

"The bone structure around Harry's eye has changed, reflecting the malignant mass left behind.

After Harry's nose, cancer was found

His appearance was so rare that we were full of shock.

"You never think that you will have a son."

Six days after Harry's diagnosis, he started chemotherapy on February 2,

Carly, 30-year-old James Cook, was a mechanic and had to pay close attention to Harry's treatment.

Her cancer needs only treatment in America, as well as other NHS treatments.

To give Harry the best of his ability, his cancer requires treatment with proton therapy – a kind of radiation therapy that uses protons rather than X-rays.

Carly: "My other little boy is called Josh, now 14 months, but we had to pay attention to Harry.

Harry conducted proton beam therapy – radiation therapy using protons against x-rays

"Our family friends helped raise the £ 6,000 pound sterling to get proton beam therapy.

"NHS fund treatment and basic costs, but we did not plan to spend 12 weeks in James.

"And still he smiles, it was so difficult for him to look at it as suffering."

Harry was engaged in 30 treatment in Florida, USA. She continued with general anesthesia for six weeks – combining 14 rounds with chemotherapy.

Fortunately, this is very valuable and the teenager is now in remission, but her parents worry about the long-term effects of treatment.

Carly says: "Only about one percent of the funds from large charitable donations are typical for children's races.

"The doctor is very cruel to children.

Harry combined 14 rounds with 30 chemotherapy treatments in Florida

"Harry's treatment means his growth, tooth problems, and future life-threatening.

He saved more than 20 blood to save his life.

Carly encourages other parents to recognize the symptoms of the disease and helps them to understand how they can affect the child.

Carli: It's very rare and unexpected, or it's hard to know what to look for.

"At the moment blood products are reduced, donors need blood and platelets to donate.

"The charity organization of KCF, like Sargent, is a great miracle to charity for children with cancer, helping families and informing them."

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