Friday , June 9 2023

NASA can sell tickets to space tourists


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There is nothing new about the idea of ​​charging someone's big money for a journey to space. Russia has withdrawn $ 20 million or more ultra-rich people to attend the International Space Station (ISS). It was only a method of charging NASA seats on the Soyuz rockets, but the tables began to turn. In the near future, NASA will have access to spacecrafts SpaceX and Boeing, and some space tourists will consider their flight.

According to space tourism attorneys, it can be the most important source of funding for the agency, as well as for the American society. It also helps stop public funding for the ISS in mid-2020. The NASA Advisory Subcommittee supported the proposal last Friday, but it's still a long way from the truth.

In the coming year, the crew of the crew, such as SpaceX and Boeing, will also be featured on unmanned and unmanned airlines. If all is planned, the company will be allowed to fly to the International Space Station. However, Boeing has experienced some disadvantages following the fuel leak during the test. SpaceX is confident that it will achieve its first launch in 2019.

After the commercial crew program is active, NASA may stop buying seats in Russia's Soyuz missions. There will also be a space treaty on SpaceX and Boeing. The NASA-sponsored offer encourages the agency to reset some of the space tourists. It can even receive a reward for their individual space tourism. Companies like Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin offer space only a few minutes to passengers, but NASA can take them to the ISS for a few weeks.

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<p class=Earlier this year, NASA administrator Jim Brady's subcommittee was formed.

Along with the recommendations of space tourism, NASA is exploring ways to freeze restrictions on advertising and partnerships with companies. Currently, NASA does not incorporate its own logo on shipping missions because it can be regarded as an approved manufacturer. In the future, astronauts may appear in advertisements, and NASA can sell even the right to name a rocket. Coca-Cola is preparing for the rocket carrier!

All this was bad for NASA's all-time government agency for intelligence and science. Seeing NASA's entry into space tourism, when it's possible to send these places to scientists and engineers,. The NASA administrator expressed concern at the hearing of Jim Gröddend's subgroup: "Actually, we are in a new era now."

The NASA 9 spacecraft testifies to the incredible 8K video transfer from NASA's incredible global space station.

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