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Nasdaq falls, chips with Noia dropping chips fight at height as Dow


Trades in the US stock indexes were traded on Friday, as the Nvidia company's share of the chip manufacturers reduced the focus to the technology sector. The main indexes were caused by the loss of weekly accidents.

How did the routes go?

Nasdaq Composite Index

DJIA, -0.08%

The average Dow Jones Industrial Average was 54,10 percent or 0.8 percent

SPX, -0.34%

The S & P 500 index almost remained unchanged at 25,292

COMP, -0.93%

Decreasing by 6.7 points and dropped by 0.2% to reach 2 723.

During the week Dow has fixed loss of 2.6%, S & P 500 will drop by 1.9%, Nasdaq will drop by 2.4%.

What brought this to the market?

Shares Nvidia Corp. Thursday's Thursday climbed sharply after counting quarter-results as hopeless and contributed to a week of negative triggers. Other semiconductor resources were also pressured.

Comment: "Crypto hangover" Nvidia surprises with major headaches

Investors closely monitored the UK events, while Prime Minister Theresa promised to boldly fulfill her commitment to the UK's withdrawal from the European Union, despite some high-level resignations and suspicions about its leadership.

Although the incidents are some 3,660 miles away from the Wall Street, the dilemma should bring it to the hardest bruxit, or no bargaining agreement for the UK.

Also, Brexit's drama may raise concerns about a slowdown in the global economy, and the German government has signed a deal for the first time in three years in the third quarter. This week, according to a similar report from Japan, the third largest economy in the world has signed an agreement on the third largest economy

However, uncertainty over tariffs between the US and China is a concern for market participants. During the week, the rapidly shifting conversations around the progress in the negotiation process have gone hand in hand.

What actions were paid?

Nvidia stock

NVDA, -19.16%

Declined by 17%. Nvidia shares have dropped by 22% over the past three months and the PHLX Semiconductor Index

SOX, -1.87%

Popular products for semiconductor promotions will drop by 4.1% in 2018.

Nvidia selloff was released on Thursday evening in favor of the company, which showed that it was not expecting revenue in the third quarter and led to a low level of expectations. Sales have been reduced from Stefel Nicolaus to $ 200 to $ 250.

Applied materials.

AMAT, -0.23%

The stock market dropped by 1.4% Friday to Friday evening, Thursday evening, evening, evening, evening, evening, evening, evening, evening, evening, evening, evening, evening, evening, evening, Wall Street.

Shares the chip separator Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

AMD, -7.00%

as well as the reduction of charity.

Nordstrom Inc.. stock

JWN, -14,22%

Rose rose by 13.5% after its third quarter profit was much lower than expectations of experts.

California Utilities PG & E Corp..

PCG, + 35.22%

and Edison International

EIX, + 12.78%

investors were worried that these reserves might be responsible for a fire extinguishing in California earlier this week.

Investors told Bloomberg that the president of the California State Utilities Commission, Michael Picker, said he would not allow the firms to be bankrupt. PG & E shares rose by 35.6% on Friday, while Edison International shares rose 11.6%.

Shares Viacom Inc..

VIA, + 1.17%

in the fourth quarter of the year, having received media, following a profit margin, showing a profitability and sales forecast, was 0.5% higher.

What are Strategies?

"Usually, the upcoming holiday season is a great time for the market, revenues are strong, and we expect to see the long-term effects of tax breaks in the next two quarters," said Michael Aron, Chief Investment Strategy Strategy. The consultants reported to MarketWatch.

We are still seeing such a volatility that investors have long-term market leadership for investors, and the United States's trade relations in China slow down the growth of technology companies that have raised interest rates and affect the global economy and the United States. says Aron.

The unexpected Nvidia expects the technology industry that is hitting the week after profit, according to analyst Wedbush Securities Joel Kulina in a letter to customers.

"The technical mood is very fragile and fair, due to the deterioration of trends in many emerging markets and [companies] the appearance of equipment is diminishing ", – said Kulina, in the near future warned technical investors to follow the strategy of holding rallies.

"Theresa May was a catastrophic day yesterday, and investors are still in the UK because of the political situation," writes CMC Markets UK analyst David Madden.

What are the data?
  • According to the MarketWatch survey of economists, industrial production in October increased by 0.2 percent and rose 0.2 percent from the consensus forecast.
  • Possible utilization decreased from 78.5% to 78.4%, expectations increased by 78.2%
  • The Kansas City Federal District will issue an East End Index at 11 PM
  • The bottom of the data from Baker Hughes will appear at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. East
How are other markets sold?

On Asian markets on Friday, mixed-ended, dropped Nikkei to chip manufacturers

The NIC, -0.57%

Decreased by 0.6%, and the Chinese measurements increased simpler. European stakes were a concern for Stuxx Europe 600

SXXP, -0.20%

and London FTSE 100

UKX, -0.34%

both decreased by 0.7%, and in Germany DAX

DAX, -0.11%

By 0.9%.

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