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Ohio is a week here for Michigan


ANN ARBOR – Both teams play with each other every week for a week, but this year may take longer.

Probably the loss of Notre Dame during Michigan's 1st week. Some national radio stations have questioned Jim Harbaugh and said that they really do not fit in Michigan.

Others suspect Wolverines is still an elite football program. In the previous three seasons, he set a record of 1-5 against the Michigan and Ohio rivals, and then lost to Notre Dame, believing the worst. Of course, Michigan is to win, but why?

Now, after about 10 games, the fourth place, Volwerin calmed all the nets. They suffered a seven-point battle for the Irish fight, running from the opponents to the left and to the right.

Jim Hotherbaug, who was on Saturday evening, after his 31st victory in Indiana, said, "We were in play-offs, and that's our opinion." "It's great to win the opponents of our big ten opponents, so we're proud of our team."

The first symptoms of Michigan's Berkeley Edwards, Chase Wheatovich are good

The last victory is not easy. Michigan (10-1, 8-0, Big Ten) in the first month, Hawkers did not just collect Wolverines's first volunteers but play the game for the first time.

In fact, Wolverines first felt this feeling on September 29, when North West beat 17-0 and forced Michigan to score 20 wins. There was no single incident on Saturday night in India, but the point remained unchanged.

"We did not want to work a couple of times and we did not do it," says Karan Higdol, who did not hit 101 meters 21 times. "We got some balls, it was a mistake, and we could not do it, but I want to be right now than in the next week."

The biggest game of the year in Michigan's schedule is here, the last Saturday, November 24, the day of the last trip to Ohio on the road to November 24. For some time.

For the last time, Michigan has over 7 years since defeating Buckey, who dominated the last hours of the season. The last victory of Wolverines in Columbus 2000 was. The last two teams played here, and it ended in controversy.

ESPN & # 39; College GameDay & # 39; Columbus was sent to the state of Michigan-Ohio

"Naturally, this country knows what's going on this week," said Rashan Gary, the Defense Minister of Michigan. "We know what's going on this week, so we're attacking it, it's been a year with bad taste in our mouths."

But this time, the bets rise. Both teams enter the game 10-1 and enter the top 10 of the football playoffs in college. The victory will send one team to the Grand-Prix at the North-West Championship on December 1st and take place on the four play-offs. The winner can participate in the New Year's Eve game.

While Michael is a great reward for his master, he is too far away to try to keep track of the season. The team has surpassed Chase Winovich's "Revenge" tournament in victories in Wisconsin, Michigan and Penn State – all the teams that defeated the Volverain and repeatedly surprised it last season.

Players and coaches were open to the challenge of fighting against the state of Ohio. But this season, it seems that all the players are playing for a lot of things. Yes, Badgers, Spartans and Nittany Lions are good at winning. The buckwheat victory would be even better.

This is a business-like approach – the treatment of each game can be the same as the last one, the true weekly mood ends in Columbus.

"I do not know what that was," said Harbau. "But for a while now, this is the nature of college football, at least when the Big Ten season begins."

Michigan players worried about "dirty" hits in Indiana

This is the last year's team and the biggest difference between them is that the point was that Don Brown, the defensive coordinator, was in this season. When faced with difficulties in 2017, a young, inexperienced group tried to cope with the heat. Some players are dissolved under pressure.

Nothing in this group. Maybe everything will last for more than a year and it's even more comfortable. Perhaps this is possible thanks to Sheila Patterson. But three times – once in Notre Dame, the other in the Northwest and again on Saturday, Michigan has slowly denied the potential costs and turned them down.

Of course, the loss of the 1st week stopped, but players and coaches realized that this would not be the end. Instead, he became a catalyst. Winners of conferences outside Western Michigan and South methodology.

Big Tene defeated Nebraska and Northwest, Maryland and Wisconsin. Michigan State. Penn State. Ratgers. And now Indiana.

Saturday afternoon (afternoon, FOX) hopes not only the long-haired missions in Michigan, but also the big and good things to show. Will they do it? Based on what we have seen in ten of these teams, we have reason to trust Michigan.

Is it

"In the next game," said Harbau. "Great game, depending on the championship game."

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