Monday , January 30 2023

Pusha T fights in Toronto concert and condemns Dredit: Watch – Hollywood Life


Pusha, who was in Toronto, Canada on November 20th, was shocked at the T concert! Unknown men, who accused Pusha Drage of paying, began to drink her and then crashed at the scene.

Pusha T., 41 years old, was not warm Dreykin City of Toronto City! Rapper, who discovered Dreykin's secretly-born son Adonis The Adidon Story track was performed on November 20 at the Danford Concert Hall in Toronto. Everything was good until Pusha's "water" and pandemonium poem. The participants of an unknown concert began to splash the stage into water or alcohol, and even throw plastic bottles in Pasha's direction! He did not leave the scene, but several people jumped in barricades to deal with the conflict around Pushan. The terrorist look was intriguing, and the Toronto Police Operation Center posted on Facebook "many ppl [were] performers who suffered from wrestling in the concert hall of the region [were] attacked.

There was nothing else but an assault on Draco, who was behind the attack on the attack. After the fight ended, GO Music performed a song called "Infrared" that opposed Canadian opponents. Later on, Drake said he "paid" concerts for "outside" beer brewing, as you can see the second video below, and the police have appeared later. The concert was canceled, and the witnesses soon came to Twitter to describe their wild night.

"3 guys went on the stage and tried to jump Pushan T." @ 95_TIL_INFINITE "he said. "The guys of the Pushas immediately stopped those guys and beat them and attacked Pasha and ran away from the crowd. After 10 minutes the police came and stopped the show. After another attack on the unknown, Pusha's message to Drake, tweeting he said, "THESE PEOPLE CAN BE. Do not you know where I am? Or is not it?

In November, November 10, another controversial Concert of Pusha at Lamp Flog Gnaw was held in Los Angeles, California. "F *** Drake" appeared in the studio behind the producer on a visual screen! He immediately charged the strange worker with a strange call. "I'm combining with the @ CampFlogGnaw screens and talking to myself, how do you know I'm telling you everything?" tweeted after the festival. "Massage anybody on the screen is not part of my show". Nope, Pusha is shocking on the stage as it is proved today!

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