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Questionnaire: Have you had any Nintendo hardware issues?



Over the last month, due to a lawsuit in the United States, Joe Con was rebuilding the theme of the drift, and it's easy to see this phenomenon as a potential disaster for Nintendo. Many players did not have problems with Switch's unmanaged controllers, but a large percentage available frequently encountered issues and make us think twice about buying Switch Lite before we can verify that the issue has been resolved.

Drift debut is an uncomfortable situation for Nintendo, and it's likely to be reinforced by its reputation for delivering durable, long-lasting equipment. We saw that the company was slowly repaired and repaired in some areas by paying for the previously repaired Joe Con. This can cause considerable costs, but we'll call it the red bell of Xbox 360 & # 39; long way to crash. This The design error for Microsoft to regain customer confidence is over a billion dollars. If eczems were looking for silver trimmings, at least it worked; We're curious about the RROD, but it does not forget how 360 has discovered a modern online console environment with its incredible library and Xbox Live. Joy-John drift may be annoying, but it is unlikely that Switch or Nintendo will break their legacy in the long run.

We wanted to bring the Joy-Con Drift issue to historical context, so we decided to ask for your Nintendo hardware failure experience. As with any electronics, defects are constantly growing and we want to know that there are more problems than any other system.

Our experience

As Nintendo fans, we have accumulated many consoles and accessories in Nintendo Life for several years. In our experience, the Nintendo suite is second to the durability. The prompt questionnaire around the office identified the following hardware problems, problems or issues that are not related to accidental damage or wear:

  • One dead PAL Super Nintendo (died after 21 years of loyalty to the GPU)
  • Nintendo 64 analogue sticks (too many) Mario Evening, undoubtedly)
  • Two cracked DS Lite hinges
  • Entering odd "phantoms" on the DS touch screen
  • Two GameCubes that stopped reading disk
  • One Wii stopping two-sided disks (eg Super Smash Bros. bout)
  • Two fracture connectors
  • Several cases of Joey-con drift

In general, the metric ton of equipment we have is good. Joy-John drift is, of course, the most consistent issue among employees. It may be anecdotal, but as the process becomes a modern system, there are some disadvantages. It might look back – should old systems fail first? – before we consider the complexity of modern consumer electronics.

When talking about the device's failure or malfunction, it's best to turn back to several old ads and avoid them.

Myth No. 1: "They Never Make Emotions"

Perhaps this may be true, but it is a very good thing and the opinion is a little different. The main reason why your original NES will be able to work in 2019 is simple technology. In the mid-1980s, the Famicom / Nintendo entertainment system was an ordinary machine. About 35 years later, the fine-tiny devices in your pocket bring you thousands of times or more, thanks to the great features of the miniaturization and improved processing power, but the design to reduce the size of your productivity is extremely difficult. Think of how much the accumulation compare to Wii U and its GamePad, and how much it has accumulated in a new, more powerful console. They are only separate generations!

Simple time ...
Simple time …

It's hard to tell the exact details about the microprocessor's performance, but the average customer may be surprised to hear how low they are. The 2005 study found that the performance of 45 nanometer chips was about 30%, so every three chips produced were only defective and in use. The chip on the Taga X1 start-up connector is made using a 20mm processor process (big enough to meet the modern standards). Obviously, production processes are progressing, but it is important to keep in mind the wonderful engineering techniques behind all our gadgets. It is not surprising that they are sometimes mistaken.

When something goes wrong in the game set, the other players have another …

Myth # 2 "You Do not Look at Your Own Things"

Oh, this old chestnut. This can be difficult, especially if you are like us when it comes to protecting your collection. We were amazed when we visited our friends' houses and the empty carts and discs that were there, and the fatty controllers slowly roast the sides of the sofas and console on the grated carpet. How do you live ???

OK, breathe. Good ...
OK, breathe. Good …

Some of us are supposed to have the other way around – the N64 trolleys into the original plastic bags inside the box – all the others dip into the pistachio oil analog boobs. GameCube disks are castors and thrown into boxes with keys, cliffs and broken glass. This is rare. Yes, there will be people who always wonder why their console is broken after freezing children into the disc tray or dumping Mountain Dew on the grill. Usually, if someone says hardware malfunction occurs, we need to turn to their word.

So now for informal, jokes for science! We have previously asked for the cracks in the switch body and Joy-Con, but here we have a wider range of Nintendo platforms to handle these issues. Pay attention to the following questions and be free to answer. We know only the cockroaches and Game Boys survive the nuclear attack, but let's see how the Nintendo Console worked for years …

What systems (s) have the Nintendo system experienced? (mark all that apply) (744 votes)

Nintendo entertainment system


Super Nintendo entertainment system


Game Boy (including pockets) / Boy Boy color


Game Boy Advance (including SP and Micro)


Nintendo DS (including simple)


Nintendo DSi (including XL)


Nintendo 3DS (including XL) / 2DS


New Nintendo 3DS / 2DS (including XL)


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As far as you know, where was the blame? (tag all that apply) (468 votes)

Problems with Learning Cartridge / Disc


Am an engineer? No idea


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Did the problem make you think twice about buying Nintendo products in the future? (287 votes)

That made me afraid


No, of course not! How else do I play in Zelda?


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Which of the three main console manufacturers in your experience will encounter many hardware problems? (253 votes)

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Do you think the console hardware will be damaged or how much time will it take before you need it? (291 votes)

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Thank you for your contribution to science! Yes, we dropped out of the "Virtual Baby" – if any of you read someone in the closet, you might comment on his reliability below! Did any result surprise you? Below you will be able to share your history with extensive, long-lasting equipment …

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