Friday , August 19 2022

Snowflakes worries about NASA's Mars linguistic aspects – RT World News


NASA has sailed Mars to Mars, and many people try to see the secret. However, some people concentrated on linguistics, such as "colonization" and "intelligence."

Many people believe that the above-mentioned substances in the "Probability of going to Mars" may include the loss of research data. Or it is possible to find someone else (potentially aggressive and horrible). But for some, like the American astronomer Luciano Vasloise, who is worrying about what words can be used to describe space exploration, the radar does not even seem to be a hit. Walkowicz told Newsweek "Colonization" available "OK can not be used" as "Our colonialism will destroy our history on our planet."

Despite the amazing NASA boiling water, Walkowicz is worried about some words being "damaged" than an amazing snowdrop. "Language is one of the ways to build our social reality" Zuleik Zevallos, a sociologist at the Swinburne University in Australia, also told Newsweek.

"The colonial history has shown us that there is no democratic way to colonize other lands, Zevallos joined. "It reduces the profits and benefits of the minority."

It is unclear how the world today is affected by the "colonization" of the minorities in the world.

Some people still insist on saying the following: colonization, migration, border and intelligence. If you can not use the word "intelligence" to explain NASA as "looking for a new planet that has not yet been explored," then the terminology knows what the conclusion is.

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