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SpaceX corresponds to the fourth kilometer of the Falcon 9 spacecraft


Photographer Tom McCool wished success to the open door door at 39A on November 27th. At the final stages of its first integration, the new Falcon 9 block 5 will be used.

It may be possible to launch one of the two heavy load downloads within the next 4-8 weeks, with the amplifier, four possible launches planned to be operated by SpaceX until the end of December, and the Dragon, which is preparing for the nearest crew flight.

Currently, SpaceX is a mileage, integration and flight control of at least three new Falcon 9 Block 5 missiles launched by US critics and NASA in December and January. B1050, B1054 and B1051 for CRS-16 (Cargo Dragon), updated GPS III satellite, and DM-1 (Crew Dragon), on the day of the flight.


The next SpaceX flight on the East Coast is Cargo Dragon's 16th Operational Mission, which plans to ship several tons of critical shipments to the International Space Station no later than December 4th (NET). The launch of the Launch Complex 40 (LC-40) from SpaceX's Cape Canaveral Air Force Base (CCAFS), the new B550's B1050 amplifier has already been integrated and is proven by the Cargo Dragon flight when it's ready for the LC-40.

The pregnant dragon is close to the ISS. (Oleg Artemyev)

However, the Dragon capsule is somewhat unknown, SpaceX has anywhere on the 4-8 spaceship from anywhere, but for every future assignment, the bucket buffers (the disassembled jet section decorated with solar arrays and storage areas) should still be laid. General Director Elon Muss and other SpaceX managers say the Cargo Dragon has been able to repair at least three orbital missions from the outset, and the CRS-16 may be the third launch for such a capsule.

After sending the Cargo Dragon and the top part of the road, Falcon 9 B1050 is the first RTLS launch site to jump to 180 degrees Celsius to Florida and be located several miles from the Florida coast.

GPS III-01 (most first)

Among the five launching launches of the first ten GPS-III, SpaceX won all five winners, and ULA Delta IV signed a contract for launching one of the following satellites. The first GPS-III Series Series 01 (GPS III-01) of the spacecraft has been launched before the completion of some of the first USF reviews of the latest 5 Falcon 9 upgrade debut unit.

Now, the wind's 18th destination, the most exciting aspect of Falcon 9's first GPS launch, is that many of the signs are currently being deliberately spent. new Falcon 9 block 5 amplifier. SpaceX has made it possible for the 5th Block to be capable of performing at least the 5th launch, so even without re-use, the expansion of the new pavilion could cost a bigger chance.

All reasonable prices are based on Falcon 9 Block 5 need ~ 3900 kg (3.600 lb) The GPS III satellite can be delivered to a large orbit for restoration of port ship ships in the Atlantic Ocean. Falcon 9 can be flying on board B1054, the only possible interpretation of the mission will be the request from SpaceX, the US request (or requirement).

Dragon & # 39; s orbital debut (DM-1)

As a result, SpaceX and NASA – for the first time in the history of the Commercial crew program (CCP) have set a precise date for the first orbital launch of a spacecraft developed under the program, in which case SpaceX's Crew Dragon Falcon 9 is the 5th Rocket. NET on January 7, 2019, this day is definitely a good thing, but it does show that SpaceX hardware, software and overall good operating practices are all good. SpaceX is currently waiting for much faster NASA bureaucracy to complete filling documents, matching ISS plans to crew members, and much more.

Speaking about the time, COO and President Gwynn Scottle said in October 2018 that Falcon 9 and the "crew crew of the orbital crew" would be standing at 39A until December, mostly with NASA and ISS planning. In fact, it is impossible to know, but the missile was found on Tuesday Pad 39A The final phase of the SpaceX GPS-III, which can be a very good Falcon 9 B1051 and the crew's finished top flight or B1054 (unconfirmed) for the first autopilot flight.

Everything will be clear next week. The next flight of the SSO-A on the West Coast of SpaceX was launched in the first days of December.

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