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"Steelers vs. Panthers: 5 reasons to watch football on Thursday night


When Steelers and Panthers meet Thursday night football, Carolina has been looking for his first win at Pittsburgh since 1996 and has won Steelers since 1996. Caroline – all against Pittsburgh is 1-5 and 0-3 on the road, but Panterz has dominated the last week. Entered this match with a record 6-2. The Steelers does not have a record 5-2-1, which takes the first place in the AFC at the North.

49er than last night on Thursday night races against a nightmare, one of our hope is higher than the winning game of the two teams rather than waiting for the match with the winning teams.

Here are five things we can see when Steelers accepts panthers Thursday Football NFL 10 week (Fox / NFL line, 8:20 hours).

1) funny panthers

Done Jackson, a midfielder for Panterz's second-round run, was in a great season. He was bound for four times in the league for the first time and wrote in the last season of the season against Buccaneer in the fourth season. There were 37 shells to go with Jackson, a sack, seven holes, and forced to collapse. Look for his impressions today.

Also, the first round shotgun is D.J. There are 297 yards and 117 yards of the well. Last week, Morn made a franchise record for the Pantera hunting for a wide range of yachts after a 32-degree run. Look for Sean Davis, the safety team at Moore's old college in Maryland and today's Steelers company.

2) Keep the back sides

Mrs. McCaapri has shown a significant improvement in the relative bear season in 2017 and will be a major part of Carolina's game plan. He plays in his 25th career career and needs 63 fishing yards to be the seventh player in the history of the league with 1,000 yards and 1,000 yards in his first 25 career games.

Here are other players to perform this feat:

As for Steelers, they do not go into their lists. James Conner receives 706 attack yards and nine high pits, as well as 379 yards and one-point air.

This game is packed with Levon Bell, and it will be interesting for the second year, and this season he has played football on a sofa and became a star in Miami. Now Bell is back in Pittsburgh and can make his first arrival in the Heinz field early next season. Is this the last player in Konner?

Last month, Konner, who was in opposition to Ravens, received 163 assault rifles and a bullet hit. It can boast of up to four hundred games with attack yards this week and four in 2018, with at least one pitch. He is the only player in the history of Steelers, with over 1,000 attack yards (1085) and 10+ in the first eight games of the season. Wait for another blow tonight.

However, the Steelers defense is the sixth lowest pitch (90.3) for the game and the Panthers Defense is on the eighth position (94.1).

3) Antonio Brown-Ben Retlisberger connection

Ben Roettlissberger started the season slowly, but he was very busy with Antonio Brown. In the 9th week nine came to this season, 68 of which were Big Ben.

They will be the duo duo in the 70th Quarter of NFL history, two rides from Rotterdam at night.

To date, the QB-WR drafts are:

Statically similar protection

Thanks to two crimes, it was very productive (Pittsburgh 28.4 and Caroline equaled 27.5). But these are two very similar defenses.

Game Courts: Caroline (11th, 344,8), Pittsburgh (12th, 347,9)
Passage of game yards: Caroline (19, 250.6), Pittsburgh (21, 257.6)
Courts leading to the game: Caroline (8, 94.1), Pittsburgh (6th, 90th places)
Points for the game: Caroline (T-12, 22.5), Pittsburgh (15, 23.5)
Deprived of their liberty: Caroline (T-12, Eight), Pittsburgh (T-15, Seven)

Despite differences, Steelers ranked fourth in the NFL with 26.0 bags, and Panthers ranked 19th on the 21.0. The Caroline defenses are 11 (4th) and the Steelers have five (t-21).

5) Both fans are very confident

The fans of Steelers come to this game with confidence in their team. Over 82 percent of SB Nation's FanPulse survey respondents are confident in team orientation. As for Panthers' fans, 85 percent of fans are confident in team orientation. The fan club of both teams also hopes to win today. You need to adjust who you know.

Behind the Steel Curtain FanPulse: Steelers win 5
Cat Scratch Reader FanPulse: Panthers win with a score of 2
Account: Pittsburgh -4

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