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Ten weeks after NFL's 10th week


The NFL season 9 has several hopes for Hugh Jackson's vacancy, "Where will the head coach be dismissed? Last week, Vance Joseph and Sean McDermott were on the top of the list, but every weekend they received fewer charity.

On Sunday McDermott went to the explosion of Matt Barclay. Joseph did not have any logs until the end of the week. Temporary cooling of their hot chairs allowed the weekend to fail in Broncos, not brokers.

On Sunday we are proud of their disgrace. The weekend from the 37th Anniversary of the Anthem ranged from the attacks of the Bengal to the Buccaneer's desert, but to 16-3 defeats in Washington. What kind of head coach did the worst job? There are five candidates, including the recognized judge, Sean Pitton.

John Gruden's franchising refused openly

Grøned is not dismissed. It is nine years and more after the season's 90 million dollar hook and the next two seasons is to do something similar to a talented young registry for his real mission, Rider, in 2020 to move to Las Vegas.

However, eeshIn 2018, the disaster began to deteriorate and only deteriorated. The raiders have tried to recreate the star players (Halil Mack, Amari Cooper). Decar Carr left Oakland's arena for 2016 as a play-off team. On Sunday, the shilling echo of the season smiled at the end and eventually broke it.

How does Karr influence such optimism?

The rider's clothing suite was so poisonous that it was Gordie Nelson, who had nothing more to do with NFL's long career, feeding Oakland and leaving football, and the rest of the world "yes, good, sounds."

This is wrong (at least not yet) but this week's charcoal gave us this chestnut:

Again, Gruden will not go anywhere sooner or later good lord.

Todd Boules (…)

In an interview with reporters, Jameel Adams said last week that they "did not want to lose", and that all of us "have come to town in the 10th week to bring Matthew Barclay to their original jury."

Buffalo play would have to be a quick treatment for a week's upgrade. Even at Sam Dernon, backup veteran Josh McCauen made Jets a seven-point favorite against their opponents.

Then New York took the steppe Sunday, won it, and called it "not today."

Jetse has been painted in the train station and has scored 41 points in the Buffalo team, which has scored 46 points in the past six weeks. McCown ranks 34th at the 135th yard "Ryan Caliber Starter" with "Ryan Mallett." Jessie's defender, Adams (1.5 points, two QB hits, one transition) and 232 yard and pair pair, signing up as a free agent in Halloween, giving nothing to anyone while allowing Barkley. Any progress made by team 3-3 at the start of 2018 has failed, probably the fifth year of Bolez's chance.

At least Adams probably will suffer a minor depression this week after a series of interviews with senior leadership this week.

Dirk Koyner has just been able to play the game so as to turn red

Good news – Koetter Ryan Fitzpatrick and Nancy West head off the Buccaneer crime against 501 yards in Washington. This bad news brought Tampa Bay only three points in the sixth loss of the season.

Buccus pushes six motors into the red zone and has achieved only field goals for their difficulties with two different breaks (two) and field goals (two). The Tampa Defense Alex Smith and his team were all limited to 286 yards, but the result of this team was uncertain.

Todd Monkne's playing role was played by the coworkers in the infinite boundaries of uncompromising competition. According to the trainer Demar Dotson understand the problem, but does not know how to fix it, perhaps he is not an example of inspiration, but hopes to put him in the middle of June.

Worse yet, Washington Coether's miraculous image, which has thrown candy on old men to reporters:

She has a lot of sheep in the crowd. On the other hand, the fearsome fear caused by the August twin shootout of Washington, some of its wonderful 3-6 team-mates.

On the other hand, Koetter reported on Monday, when it cuts Chickler Catanzaro as "what's going on here?" he told reporters no Catanzaro crosses, and then 30 minutes after the team confirmed the release of the team.

Marvin Lewis is the shame of the Bengals

The Bengals have a total of Bengali. Cincinnati is confidently playing in the playoffs on the 5-4, and it is in good condition to play well in the Wild Card playoffs, which will keep good people in South-West-Ohio Ohio.

The Lewis team regained their "rivals" and burned ashes to alligators, who then leafed up baggage for Bengal and sold it to the North Kentucky airport in a home match against Satelles. New Orleans beat Cincinnati at the Paul Brown stadium and scored 35 points and made the cosplay as a gamble.

Any early memories of the defeat were defeated by Ravens and Falcons, but the soft half of the table allows the team to reach the runway to achieve nine victories and fulfill the fate of 20 points by charging the 18th week. Lewis has hired Leo Defense Coordinator, Teril Austin, to set himself up as a defender, and four more candidates will not have another two-year contract extension.

If Brown's family called in January, would they need another autumn guy? Listen – HUE JACKSON & BACK, BABY.

All this is awesome, but Lewis's greatest sin can create a world where we can agree with Steven A. Smith.

Sean Pitton, a fire detector, raises questions

Pieton's philosophy of disturbing things might not be an excellent indicator of the abilities of the child's parents.

But what of the great states of Ohio we did not break? Payton will make a list this week, even though Payton is going to spill all his cabinet.

(but not really)

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