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The best tips and tricks to get you all the Pixel 3 and XL features


The best tips and tricks to get you all the Pixel 3 and XL features

Pixel 3 is the latest shelf that Google can do on hardware space. Pixels are always paying attention to their cameras, and that's exactly what it's like. Although a new standard for computing photography is available, there are so many things like Pixel 3 and XL – both offer great features that make them distinct on their phones.

How to get Pixel 3 and 3 XL.

Look at night with night vision

Night view pixel 3

Night Sight is a Google HDR + editing feature to dramatically improve sparkling imagery. Even in scenarios where there is no light, including night vision, there are even strikes.

Google combines and combines it with each other in different expositions. The captured image saves details, such as photos taken in automatic mode. The overall result is not surprising.

Night view: View your Google Pixel as never before in your darkness

Activate the camera quickly – switch to standby mode

Quickly launch the camera in Pixel 3

The Pixel 3 and 3 XL come with a gesture that lets you activate the camera, even when locked. Press the power button twice to activate the camera quickly – it works even if you are in the program. To add it, scroll to it Settings -> System -> Preferences and switch on Go to the camera.

Like Samsung or Huawei, the pixel camera does not save the status: every time you open the camera you start with the default back view. But after you've started the camera application, you can easily switch to the front camera with a two-sided gesture. To use the gesture, tap it Settings -> System -> Preferences and switch on Rotate the camera.

If you are in the theme of gestures, you can use the volume keys as the gateway buttons. To do this, you need to open the camera More tab Options, visit GesturesSelect Lid for volume keys.

Back up your photos and videos in the original resolution

Make a backup copy of your photos and videos to Pixel 3

One of the best features of Pixel 3 and 3 XL – endless photo and video backups with original quality. Google offers an unlimited number of photos and videos uploaded from any device, including an 4K video, and data will not be included in your Google Drive inventory.

To ensure that your data is backed up, open Google Photos and go to them Settings -> Backup and synchronization and see if the switch is selected. Service is available until January 31, 2022 or three years after the date of the 2022 service. It takes a long time to get many photos and videos on Drive.

Define songs you play recently with Now Playing Now

Playing the pixel 3 now

Another unique feature on pixels is now played. This feature automatically detects any songs in the vicinity that are nearby, and is especially good especially when it's offline.

From the Pixel 3 series, you can see the history of all the songs your device has discovered, and duplicate the song with the stream you've selected. Click the link below to find out how the playback works for Pixel Series 3.

How to play Now Play Now in Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL

Shrink to chat with the Google Assistant

Shrink to chat with the Google Assistant

As in the previous series, Pixel 3 has a compression capability that allows you to call Google Assistant. If the Active tab is set, double-tap the phone to force the Assistant to quickly launch or mute the incoming calls. You can adjust the Edge screen's sensitivity and select it when activated.

How to set up Active Edge for Google Pixel 3

Allow Google Assistant to work with spam calls

This will show the ringtone screen if there is one function that pays attention to Pixel 3 launch. Pixel has a call screen to work with 3 and 3 XL spam-callers. When calling from an unrecognized number, your assistant will answer the call.

After doing so, the Assistant transmits the call in real-time, allows you to choose whether to reply to it or mark it as spam. Single fraudulent screening – currently the United States is limited.

Use the Digital Wellbeing function to control the use of your phone

Digital Adaptive Pixels 3

One of the coolest apps on the Android 9.0 Pie is Digital Wellbeing. This feature not only allows you to control how often you use your phone, but also lets you set timers for unnecessary applications. For example, if you set a 60-minute timer for Twitter, you'll receive a notification to the left of that limit. If you need to overwrite it, the program will not be green for the rest of the day.

Digital Wellbeing also lets you see how many times your phone was locked up, the number of notifications received from a particular application, and more. If you spend too much time on Instagram or YouTube and need a way to reduce it, Digital Wellbeing is a great tool for work.

How to use the Android Pie company's digital recovery tools

Turn your phone to silent mode

Switch to Shhh Pixel 3

Like anything else, you can set the sound off when you select Do Not Disturb. You have the ability to allow calls from your selected contacts and customize behavior for ads.

The DND contains rules that can be configured in a variety of ways, but Pixel 3 has the easy way to shut down the device. DND starts automatically when it is facing it. You can add it by visiting it Settings -> Digital Health and replacement Switch to Shhh.

Switch to a dark theme

Switch to darker mode

Pixel 3 and XL automatically go through a light or dark theme based on the home screen background, but you have the option of switching the dark theme manually. To do this, go to it Settings -> Display -> Device Header Select Dark.

Adjust the display colors and set Nightlight

Adjusting the display colors Pixel 3

Once you've changed your theme, you have the opportunity to turn your visual colors to your own desires. The panels on Pixel 3 and 3 XL are the best today, but you have the option to choose a natural or enhanced color mode from the settings. The default color mode is adaptive and can be adjusted by passing through the color Settings -> Display -> Colors.

You can also use the Pie & # 39; s Adjustable Brightness feature to optimize your surrounding brightness, and Nightlight to reduce stress in your eyes at night. Night Light is a blue light filter that can be configured to shine from sunlight, or you can set up a customized schedule. There is also a possibility to adjust the intensity of the blue light filter.

See your upcoming calendar and flight details in the Simple Overview section

One look at Pixel 3

As you can see from the title, a brief overview of upcoming flights, traffic info, or calendar entries will be provided in the preview. This feature will capture Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Calendar information for printing contextual information at the top of the home screen.

For example, if the day has a scheduled appointment later, it collects the same information and shows how many hours remain. To customize the scan, hold down the date field at the top of the home screen until it appears on the screen Preferences dialog box.

Use the Environment display to view incoming notifications

    External display pixels 3

With the two Pixels sports OLED panels Ambient Display is suitable for previewing incoming messages without waking up the screen. You can always enable Display setup by using the two-tap gesture to view time and alert data, wake the screen for incoming notifications, and more.

Multiple live backgrounds, plus this feature, add new dimensions and appear in the ambient mode.

Hide the pixel 3 XL

Hide the pixel 3 XL

The Pixel 3 and 3 XL have two front chambers, and a larger model has a large lever for placing sensors. Fortunately, there is an easy way to hide the jam, so 90% of successful problems are solved. For details, go to the link below.

How to hide the line on Google Pixel 3 XL

Use the Split Screen screen effectively

Split screen pixel 3

There is a new way to control the screen screen order in Pie mode. To access the Overview menu, swipe up, tap the app icon, select the Split Screen and select the second application that corresponds to the bottom half of the screen. The feature has not changed – the program has a slider that allows you to determine how much property is being regulated.

Use 24/7 customer service

24/7 Customer Service Pixel 3

If you ever have questions with Pixel 3 or XL, Google's support is an easy way to communicate directly with your device. Just go back Tips Go to the bottom of the Options page and talk to and talk to a Google Consumer Care team.

The best part about this is support for 24/7. At the beginning of this month, I checked the effectiveness of the Pixel 3 XL screen. I went to my question and called, and in a matter of minutes I went on a business trip.

Go to Lockdown to enhance security

Lockdown Pixel 3

The Pixel 3 Series comes with fingerprint authentication, but if you need more security, Lock Lock, which will erase all biometric authentication, will prevent the display of ads on the lock screen. Go to to enable the feature Settings -> Security -> Screen preferences Select Specify lock option.

Doing so will turn on the Lock button on the power menu. Selecting a button clears all authentication objects and you need to go to the template to unlock the device.


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