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The chipote recovers managers who refuse to serve black clients on the "buckwheat" and "garbage" fears


Chipotle's network announced on Saturday that it had stopped one of its five managers for offering a viral video, but five black consumers are planning to order food without ordering them, and Sunday's re-leasing to Fox News may be a challenge to the manager.

More than 3 million videos on Twitter are 21-year-old Masood Ali, St Paul, Chenhol, Ciplotle customer and several friends: "You have to pay, because you've never had money at all". The employee adds: "We can not cook unless we have the money".

Ali and his friends complaining about "stereotypes" should show the images written and uploaded by Ali to the store staff, which does not charge twice for food orders.

Inside one video clip, the manager laughs and tries to ignore them when they do things like money as evidence that men can pay for food. Look at one of the employees in the kitchen.

"It was based on genuine racism – it was racist," Ali said to the Star Trebund in Ali Minnesota: "He asked me for a loan," Ali said. Can a group of well-developed African-Americans eat after a long training session? «

Ali also publishes the restaurant's telephone number and social media address. After a few hours of criticism and criticism, Chipotle stated that the manager had denied the fraud and announced his suspension. But on Sunday, Chippotle withdrew my decision.

"Our activities are based on facts we know right after the incident, including video clips, social media notices and interviews with our customer, manager and our staff," Chipotle Chief Communications Officer Laurie Schalow told Fox News on Sunday. "We have additional information that needs further research, and we want to work honestly, so if we have further facts after the investigation, we retrain and re-lease it."

"If after the next investigation the facts require, we retrain and re-lease it."

– Chief Liaison Officer of the Chipotle Lori Shalov

In a statement posted on Saturday, the company said: "We are ready to justify and respect all our clients. Regarding what happened at the St. Paul's restaurant, the manager sees those customers who are unable to pay for those dishes on Tuesday night. Though it does not affect our customers, the manager is discontinued and the restaurant is undergoing retraining to provide something that does not repeat itself. "

Another Chipotle spokesperson who is named Shaq on a separate Twitter post on Saturday said, "We have to respect everyone the same and respectfully."

In the subsequent interview, Chipotle representatives acknowledged that the manager had the right to announce that individuals in the group had ordered food a few days before feeding.

Chipotle spokesperson, Lori Shalov, said in an interview with Twin Cities Pioneer Press that we can not prove 100 percent confident. "We asked Mas'ud, who was in our restaurant on Tuesday, and he did not say."

Instead, she immediately mentioned Ali's "eating and drinking" experience in food ordering and paying him out – Twitter many times.

"I think it's a human being, we have to change the pigs to other places, and we have to deal with other slaughterers," wrote Ali's 2016 report.

In 2015, he wrote: "We've got Applebaes and about 20 or 20 charming ladies on foot."

When another Twitter user objected, he replied, "We are only borrowing the products for two hours."

Later, he thought, "Dain and the stick are eternal, and he chose Chipotle to steal the bottle of Tabasco."

Another post: "Kids are going to eat. And if the woman tries to stop you on the door, do not complain about this car. "Ali has eliminated all these positions.

"We go to Applebaes, eat so much, and recommend a good lady for the 20th jump, and f – walking."

– Masood Ali

After the information appeared, Chipotle said that in other stores, the managing manager was stopped because he always maintained a policy of keeping foodstuffs first and consumers did not pay.

Ali Fox News has not responded to the inquiry request.

The episode has taken on many other high-profile incidents of alleged racism that violates the service industry. In May, Starbucks supplied eight thousand stores for antiseptic training after two black men were arrested for blocking access to one of the Philadelphia stores. After the episode, Starbucks's in-store store manager called the police, because nobody in the store was sitting unwittingly because they refused to order anything.

At the beginning of this year, the manager of the Chicago company, accused of embezzlement $ 626, was fined $ 8 million fine.

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