Sunday , August 14 2022

The explosion destroyed New York City's home and blasted some of the school's high school


Last night in the state of Sussex, an explosion struck, damaged the Wallkill Valley regional high school and felt the residents a few kilometers.

Haddon's house was a total loss, but nobody was at home, there was no explosion.

The explosion and fire lasted about 11 o'clock. The Huttiston volunteer firefighter reported on the way to Grums, passing through the Wallkill Field.

The Wallkill School is closed on Wednesday because of the damage.

The explosion sank for several miles and surrounded the cities.

"When our dust fell in the sky, our home was reflected," wrote Betsy Knicos Fallon.

According to the Jefferson Chronicle, the explosion is felt in Sussex from the State of Passeig to Totot. According to the information, two 100-pound propan tanks were leaked to the cause of the blast.

The residents of neighboring cities called 911 reported an earthquake.

The cause of the blast has not been disclosed by the authorities. According to the fire department, Hardyston and its surroundings worked for 2 hours at the scene.

According to the authorities, Grumm Road will be closed for an indefinite time.

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