Friday , August 19 2022

The Michigan electrics were purchased by Crisler, the UN's focus on fidelity


ARNOR ARBOR – Jordan Pul has drifted back, finished third with a "M" clutches in the center of the Chris's Center. She went in. Why not? It was the last basket on Wednesday in the North Carolina city's No. 1167-67 victory.

Wolverines improved to 7-0. They scored 21.7 points on average.

The first course was Ignat Breezeikis, Michigan, with 24 points, Matt's 21 year old. Pool is 18 years old.

Michigan scored 10 points at the start of the second half and half of the second half did not reach 22 points. After crushing the border to North Carolina, North Carolina was hit by a series of collisions, but Volverain continued with the best since the start of 2012-13, starting at 16-0.

This was her first visit to Ann Arbor in North Carolina and she came as part of the ACC / Big Ten Challenge. Michigan lost to Chapel Hill in the 86-71 season last season.

The Michigan scandal broke down the 11-th position and violated the high power.

Tar Heels (5-2) has an average of 96.6 points in the game, the other in the country. The half of Michigan gave 48.3 points to this game, the best of the nation.

North Carolina raised its top 13 in the 21st to 11th place. Out of the 12 years of media coverage, Brzedekis scored 21 to 13 points to Michigan and scored eight to eight while William Brooks moved to 3.

Brooks broke off with the left arm of the glass, and Brazdeikis turned creative inspiration. Matthews on the open stage and hit him at 5:40 pm at 23-23 Michigan, and Chris Kred, who sold himself, sold.

Michigan Matthews and Jordan pulled out halfway through the Pole after the 3 rounds, because Johnny Teske, 7 meters (34 minutes in a career), drowned in the ground. Michigan was 39-35.

North Carolina has missed 11 strikes in its last 16 games. Michigan scored from 4 to 10 points in the first half, but did not get to the forefront of each other.

The dynamics of Michigan reached the second half. Simpson's role as "Teske" gave the Wolverines 49-39 advantage, making North Carolina coach Roy Williams less than three minutes away. Another Teske Dunk raised Leaky Black up to 3 and up to 12 before the end of the attack.

Christie came out hard after hearing Matthew's blows that the players had not heard of Matthew's signal. Free shots were at 56-42 at 14:19. Isaac Lions, Teske and Matthew, have a record of the blocks, about Matthews Tar Hill.

The corner of the pool is 3, 20, 63-43, and at 12:00. Two minutes later, three of them turned into the edges before they fell. At the age of 22, Michigan is heading. It was defeated by Cameron Johnson 3: 3 before. When the eyes flashed, the deficit reduced to half. Matt's 3 left 4:38 and left Krishler honest.

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