Wednesday , October 5 2022

The season is ancient


If you think that my main purpose is to "turn around" the whole eagle, you can appreciate the difficulties of the moment.

The Eagle lost the second half of this season to Lincoln's Dallas Cobboy with a score of 27-20 and played on Sunday night, climbing 4-1 to go to New Orleans 8-1. .

Even worse, Ronald Darby from the first angle suffers the loss of the ACL and will not miss the remaining 2018. Eagles will again be taxed at the second round of combat with Drew Braisch Darby Against Sunday Fight. starter Djalen Miles may be injured next week or two or more legs. The ridiculous 21-year cycle of seeds is the leading ranking of the league's 123.8, which is one of only one league, and it collects an average of 36.7 points on the NFL.

Here, yes, the eagle is here in the deep pit. They are equal to 180 degrees Celsius during the last two years, from Eagles 2016 to Sunday, which is the second (773, 17-5), which holds the second place.

The inconsistency, impossibility and impulse breakthrough were detected in the season itself, and injuries were totally undermined. The events of last season were great as the Eagles allowed some major players to be injured – Jason Peters, Quarterback Carson Wentz, middleweight Jordan Hicks, and Darren Språls with Chris Maragos, a security guard and special trainer. Darbi suffered injuries and missed the half of the season, and after the second round, player Kaleb Sturgis was injured and lost. Instead of these players, Orel changed the player and, of course, won the Super Bowl.

But this year is not funny. Darby is officially contacted by Jay Ajayy, broad-based Mike Wallace, defender Daver Barnett, and Rodney McLeod, all the security guards, officially in the Harmful Reservoir. Tim Gernigan had to play for some time after the Super Pop, as the defending team began. The Mack Hollins, a backup receiver, waited for the game to take place but was injured instead. Sproles played in the first week since injuries. Lane Johnson was left knee on Sunday night's knee injury. Peter suffered a variety of illnesses, with the latest biceps injuries. Running behind Korean Klemens has not been the same since the fourth wound. Wentz played until the 3rd week, and broader Alshon Jeffery (rotary finger) played until the 4th week.

The list goes on. Victims are part of the game, and this season they attacked the Eagles.

But Eagles 4-5 has many reasons, and we have been discussing throughout the season because we did not fix them for years. Slow exercise stopped and punished the crime. The deficit of defenders is directly opposite the Super Bowl season. Badly playing in the Red zone, many injuries sustained, and loyalty-related errors left Eagles grounded.

Where is the urgent While head coach Dag Pedersen said the team's "flexibility" at a high level, the team said it was "fast, slow" and could not only win football. Eagles must act swiftly every 60 minutes for each game, as every week you have to "beat". There are so many things not currently synced with this command to mark one or two destinations. Is the defense too passive? Yes, but sometimes you are the coordinator, Jim Schwartz, and when you see Rasul Douglas and Chucken Sullivan, and disrespect them both, but they will have to back up – do you pose a threat? Is the crime committed last year? It does not ask any questions about it, but it is not easy to correct other attacks rather than continually stabilizing the new attack and improving the new player. one thing click and hurry.

The right on the back it's still the rest of the seven matches and NFC East still – Eagles is looking for Washington in two games, two games against Redskins – and Eagles are going to fight. They are "flexible" and that's a good thing.

Also, let's be clear here: Eagles broke the wonderful opportunity to open the second half of the season on Sunday night in the NFC East. These costs were multiplied in many ways. How does this team get permission from the Coventry team in Lincoln's financial affairs? Who was the fire? Where's the passion? Need to act swiftly?

That's what Pedersson and his coaches and players are about to do when preparing for New Orleans. This football team is in a strict position, and right now it's right now. The only way to improve history is to shake the world and beat the Saints. For the team that has its season on the balance with the upcoming seven games, there is a big task ahead.

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