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The White House has the right to issue a "large" stake

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The administration of President Trump is trying to refuse to file a lawsuit against journalist Jim Ato to CNN and other agencies about the "difficult" passage of the White House.

US District Court Judge Timothy Kelly listened to CNN and lawyers from the US Department of Justice on Wednesday. The news outlet is looking for a direct ban on the White House to force the White House to return the spokesman of the Acosta Company, which gives journalists access to the 18-second complex.

Kelly said Thursday that she will announce her decision in the afternoon.

Acosta has had several briefings at Trump and briefed Sarah Xakabi Sanders for the past two years. But last week, after a mid-election election victory in parliament, the parliamentarians lost control of the House of Representatives, the dynamics switched to a close-knit match.

According to the President, Acosta has refused to discard the microphone. Tromp called Acosta "a stingy, terrible person."

The White House quickly announced the ban on Acosta's entry into the White House.

The CNN court has called for a censorship of publication and a ban on the release of journalists from the White House, which is controversial with the president's point of view.

According to James Bernhas, a lawyer at the Justice Department, Acosta was "unintentional" and "refused to comply with the general standards of the press conference."

Bernam also pointed out that CNN has dozens of other employees in the White House registration data and therefore does not hurt network coverage except for Acosta.

The network lawyer Theodore Butrus said that during a press conference at the Acosta magazine, it was not a rudeness, but rather that it was allocated for the work body.

"In the White House, CNN and Jim Attosh did not like the content of the report," says Butrus. The word "rudeness is in fact – you do not want to be an aggressive reporter".

Prior to the hearing on Wednesday, the White House said the White House had a "broad meeting" to regulate access to the press.

A preliminary legal statement states: "The White House President and his officials may not be in demand by the White House, interact with it, and attempt to interact with the President or White House officials. «

In an interview published on Wednesday, justice did not know how to end the war: "We see how the court acted: when it comes to asking questions and asking questions, is it freedom of the press? ? «

Trap told The Daily Caller that "Acosta-like guys" were "bad for the country." He's just a middle-aged guy who can stand aloof and scream.

Commenting on the White House's capture of Acosta's credentials changed last week. Sanders accuses Acosta of failing to have a physical connection to the Internet that he seeks to capture the microphone. However, the evidence disappears after Acosta has lost evidence of attempts to hold the microphone and Sanders Acosta has released a doctrinal video that is more aggressive than it did.

On Tuesday, Sanders accused Acosta of being a professional, trying to hold a press conference.

Sanders and Trap have been named as accused of suicide in CNN suits, as well as John Kelly and Secret Service Director Randolph Alles.

Associated Press, with support from CNN, added a brief overview on Wednesday to a group of 12 other Fox News news organizations.

"The secret service that White House journalists are working on should never be shot," said Jay Wallace, Fox News president. "While we do not support the growing pressures of the President and the press in the media, we support the Americans for free press, availability and open exchanges."

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