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Two small MCU characters lived in Thanos & # 39; Snap – / Film


The injured Tanas

Each did not smoke Avengers: Endless War. Apart from the original surviving original Avengers command, you've forgotten two characters: Stellan Skarsgard and Kat DenningsEric Selwig and Darcy Lewis characters. But Natalie Portman did not mention Jane Foster. But Portman's Marvel looks like a cinematographic World, and that's not surprising.

Exceptional Thor: Ragnarok, Thor similar to movies. But two important things in the first two Thor The films were directed by Stellan Scarkarg, screenwriter Scientist Eric Selvig and Kat Danns, Sarcastic Comics Assistant Darcy Lewis. If you are concerned about Selvig and Darcy, you should not be offended. According to the new book Marvel's Avengers: The War of Invalidity: Space Quest, Vol. 2: War (to say three times faster), they survived. And now they are in their adventures.

Brandon T. Sniderwrote a book on the back cover on Twitter, which contains synopsis:

If you feel the increase here, here:

There was a mortal danger from space – it was executed. After the horrors of the Taoost of the Earth, the people of the land were left in despair and confusion. If there is no logical explanation for any logical event, the rest should remove the pieces.

Dr. Eric Selvig and his partner, Darcy Lewis, try to find and understand the cause of the accident. Together with the old and new group of friends, they begin to search for knowledge and seek to find a link between their own paths and stones, which connects almost half of humanity with infinite stones. He does not know that he is a new opponent who can endanger all of them.

This synopsis gives a clear idea of ​​what might happen to us Avengers 4: Whatever it is called. After the wicked acts of Taoans, people on earth will be taken away. This is a very bad start Advances 4. It is worth noting that the official name of Tanav in MSU is "irrational". The speed is much better. Then again Tony Stark said, "Oops, BLIP-OUT! Advances 4.

Avengers 4: Blip-Out opens May 3, 2019.

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