Thursday , August 18 2022

US Deputy Chief Prosecutor Rod Rosensten For "Harm"


The president of Donald Trump rebuilt the image hiding from various figures, believing that his opponents, including the president's chief prosecutor, Rod Rosenstein.

Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Robert Muller are quoted as saying "Trump Trainee": "What happens now when Russia's agreement is proven to lie, and to start legal proceedings against malefactors? «

Previously, Trump had attacked major media outlets on the social media site and investigated Mr Muller's Trompo campaign with Russia.

"However, false optional messages do their best to avoid talking about it, at least three major players, Dummy Mueller, have denied the witnesses the facts and made it easier for them," he wrote. .

"This is the age of our Joseph McCarthy!"

The president has also re-established three posts at the expense of Trump Support, who attacked illegal immigrants, CNN and General Motors.

The throat protects the use of the eye pillow

Mr Trump shared one of the trainings: "The lawlessness of the federal aid program can reach $ 3,874 a month. Also, the average monthly social security checks are about US $ 1,200.

"RT agrees: if you were not born in the United States, you need $ 0."

It is unclear where the federal aid has been claimed by thousands of illegal immigrants, but this may be due to allegations of widespread fraud in Canada.

The president believes Twitter should also have to get state funding for people born in the United States.

Mr Trump will be the next Democratic leader in the 2016 presidential election. Reasserted Clinton's two-month term for racist charges.

According to one lawyer, Hillary said, "All black people are the same" – a remarkable racist thing Hillary said!

The letter ridiculed the interviewee because Hillary Clinton's former lawyer, Eric Holder, and Senator Corey Buckler were suffering. The comment was widely published at that time.

He also shared Mike Pence's Twitter account: "Hillary Clinton is not the president, but I am grateful for every day."

White House commented.

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