Thursday , August 11 2022

Victory and UGA. But do not lose the playoffs?


Georgia is the No. 4 player in the Top Football Playoff rating. There was much to be done to keep the Bulldogs # 4 town on Sundays. If Saturday on Saturday at 16.00 (CBS, News 95.5 and AM-750 WSB) will win the # 1 in London, they will be No. 3 and maybe No. 2. The winner of the Bamdan 12-1 from Georgia's nose refused to play Nore Dame.

For example, Georgia would lose Bamka no explosion, and none of the former Crimson Tide rivals would have been unmanageable. 11-2 Did Bulldogs still have hopes for the playoffs? In most cases, the answer depends on many answers.

FiveThirtyEight has a convenient interactive play-off preditor. If the final of each conference is won, Georgia will be less than one percent of the playoffs. Deliver the result to Big 12 and nothing to change. If you give "Big Ten" results, Georgia's playoffs reach 35%, which should be enough, fourth on board.

(Disclaimer: I do not believe that Clamson 7-5 lost to Pittsburgh, and I can not imagine the 7th Central Florida, after rebuilding Memphis again, after losing its initial apartment on the fourth place.)

Oklahoma, Texas, can be lost in Texas # 5. It was already there. Northwest Ohio, USA, could not be attacked at No. 6, but we would not have thought that Michigan would be losing to Purdue 49-20 at the end of 62-39, but it was an Urban Meyer team play. The Purdue game is over the Buoneyes Buick, who scored 40 points each in each of the four previous games.

Outside of Urb, which cancels temporary uplift. In 2014, Buckeyes took the 5th place and spent the week at J. T. Barrett was wounded in Michigan. (Barrett replaced Braxton Miller for himself, who was wounded in basketball.) Third position, Cardale Jones, Ohio, won the Wisconsin 59-0 win and dropped TCU and shot TCU. The Big 12 Championship game and 3 to 6 winning 55-3 in Iowa. Buckeye then attacked Alabama No. 1 and # 2 in Oregon.

In 2015, Ohio was the first team to win the playoffs and play-offs. Whisked a buckback, Penny won Wisconsin, winning the Big Decade, but ended up in the No. 3 category in Ohio. The difference was 11-1 in Penn State 11-2 in Ohio. This was the second CFP disqualifier. No one has taken anything-and-2.

If Georgia loses its Saturday, it will be 11-2. Its two losses come to teams with the 10th place in the CFP, but it does not matter whether Oklahoma or Ohio win. The Committee has no connection to conferencing, but it is its first master. You can be sure that Georgia 11-2 is a better team than Oklahoma and can not hinder anyone, and that Bulldogs is consistent with Ohio and you are right. It's not important to win Saturday.

It was a great time to play football. Big 12 Championship games will take place on Saturday afternoon. It is nine o'clock at eight o'clock. Georgia and Alabama play in the 4th. If bulldogs prevail, Georgia's fans think what Ohio is doing. Bamma fans.

If it loses Saturday, it will be a non-12-1 champion. Oklahoma and Ohio win the FiveThirtyEight Tide & # 39; s 17% chance to play-offs, and the sixth place well. Oklahoma or Ohio lost, and the situation in Bama is fifth, with 27 or 25 per cent. According to data-driven predictions, Texas and the North-West team will make it to Alabama.

I'm not sure it's all right. The element of humanity – in the end, the members of the commission are recognized as human – enter the game. Someone asked: "Do you think we lost Georgia to Georgia, lost teams to Russia, scored 40 points to Kansas and another to Purdue?" Then someone could call a red elephant in the room: "Can we play the playoff without a hammer?"

There is not one yet. (Remember, Bama did not have 11-1 champions last year). I think, if I did not see it at all, but later, there would be no unbeaten tournament. Alabama could have lost Georgia and caused night scenarios. The Committee, Clemson, Georgia, Notre Dame, and Bama, had to decide whether or not to pass 60 per cent of their five league licenses. On the other hand, does he sell the playoffs without a team?

Georgia's supporters will come to Georgia. Bamako demonstrators will arrive in Georgia. In Georgia, reprisals will be frightening. However, Grapevine, a 13-track Texas watchmaker, believes that the Tide's rollers will make their life easier.

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