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Weinstein Accuser Text Writer, After The Future Attack, A Lawyer's Claim


The woman, who accused Harvey Weinstein of having sex with an oral sex, continued her relationship with the attacker after the attack, and lawyers announced on Monday the court documents.

Wenstein's lawyer asked a former judge in the case of a former industrial assistant, Mimi Khalai, in a lawsuit filed by a court in Manhattan district's lawyer on a criminal case. Mr. Weinstein was arrested on July 10, 2006 by Ms. Haley for allegedly engaging in sexual acts of the first degree for forced sexual intercourse.

On February 12, 2007, Mrs. Haley Ms. Waynstein's phone was called "Salam! Is there anything new to see me just before leaving Harvey? Miriam "is written.

Galiya Alred, Ms. Haley's lawyer, said she was not afraid of her client's unwarranted attacks.

"In my opinion these facts, in part, completely contradict the facts and do not lead to the dismissal of Mr. Weinstein's allegations of involvement with the client," he said. Lady.

Mr. Weinstein did not deny his guilt and denied all the non-discrimination claims.

This is the last wrinkle in the Manhattan District Attorney 's case. Last month, the judge canceled one of six allegations of accusation involving an assassination attempt by Lucia Evans in 2004. Before attending the dispensary, Weinstein's lawyer said he had to release the remainder of the charges against the victims of the so-called illegal act of a New York Police Detective.

A representative of the prosecutor's office in Manhattan refused to comment. According to the NYPD representative, evidence against Weinstein was strong and strong.

At a press conference last year, Mrs. Haley said Mr Weinstein was about to stop her bedding. "When he was at my stage, I was forced to speak," said Mrs. Khaley at a press conference.

It was not clear whether the alleged incidents had been reported in the inclusions.

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