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Why do we know the thoughts of Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes?



Inventory: In Silicon Valley for blood

Notwithstanding some his former employees demanded, Elizabeth Holmes, in fact, blinks. It does not work very often. You can see it in the Erroll Morris Documentary Sender's Theranos Company, not a hot version of the Silicon Valley Distortion, but also in hot weather. He laughs at such a funny reptile, and in reality it looks like he can abandon the main body functions if it is possible to improve the continuous eye contact with the person he is talking to. Instead, he intensely watches the camera.

"People do not know that they have access to basic human rights on themselves and their bodies, which can change their lives," somewhere, this deliberate baritone, wide and light beacon light, which again makes the shell interest. When many managers appear in their marketing materials, they try to make themselves ridiculous, superficial, high-level species – there is no captain of capitalism! But Holmes is in the opposite direction, more prone to worship more than personality worship. It resembles the mandatory reports on the dictatorship of a diploffick in the Philippine film, or the conviction of its citizens' homes.

If you do not know about Holmes, the world's most fraudulent, tldr is that: He started Theranos at the age of 19, left Stanford and constructed hundreds of millions of units in the healthcare industry. It can save hundreds of laboratories from bloodstream and make medical information accessible and affordable everywhere, from home to battlefields.


Inventory: In Silicon Valley for blood

The Holmes Ted Negotiation Magazine and its next Steve Jobs article are published. The Theranos apparatus did not come close to work, as it was promised that it did not prevent the patient from providing the test, which was inaccurate. In 2015, Forbes ranked No. 1 in the list of "The 50 Most Rich Creator"; In 2018, investors were accused of fraud.

But you do not need to hear about it. You can choose from many stories about the Theranos fairy tale. On March 18, the premiere of the premiere will take place Inventory: In Silicon Valley for blood HBO, a documentary film by Oscar winner Alex Gibney, was an expert in grips, attacks, and inadequate expertise of institutional corruption and violence. In 2005 she did Enron: The clever guys in the room, Dubbed the Texas Power Company collapse, and for a more detailed discussion of it, Holmes's father once worked as a VP. The story of Theranos coincides perfectly with his formula, again and again, with excerpts from his talking headquarters and Holmes's office complexes.

Maybe you have been catching up for two hours 20/20 A special album in Holmes, released on ABC Friday, a later version of ABC Radio Cut backa six-episode podcast with Prime Minister Rebecca Jarvis in January. First of all, of course, the book of 2018 Bad Blood: Secrets and secrets in the Silicon Valley, Theranos gawking original document. Reports by John Carreyre on Wall Street Journal's investigations have led to a possible fall. While Theranos really did not want to abandon it, he would have been internally dissatisfied with innovations, and the staff called you "Carreiro!"

This is a piece of information that can lead to future movie adaptation – rights to the book even fought during trading. Big short termAdam McQueen has decided to have a wonderful age at Jennifer Lawrence and Holmes.

In order to consume any or all of Theranos, Holmes' real bell means being content vector, not visual.

This is a piece of information that can lead to future movie adaptation – rights to the book even fought during trading. Big short termAdam McQueen has decided to have a wonderful age at Jennifer Lawrence and Holmes.

While waiting for the theater scenario, Theranos will lose all our appetite? In other words, there is no reason. Bad blood New York Times was the largest dealer in Times, Cut back iTunes charts and Intelligent look bright to make. During the meteoric growth of Holmes, it was great to be able to tell people what they want to hear, and to make a great reference to the mass media – entering the STEM Children's Club, making the genealogy genius a good future, making the public change, to give power to a distorted figure. It is only appropriate that his autumn turns into a theme that does not have a strong impact on it – the silhouette of a hubris of the silicon valley, the archetypes on the dark side of disturbed culture, the purpose of the wheel diagnosis, and, perhaps, the source of infinite source.

In order to consume any or all of Theranos, Holmes' real bell means being content vector, not visual. This is a great experience when we are preparing for a revision to see how simple stories and commonly accepted stories clarify. It's a juicy, dam and full of all possible readings about its growth and decline, and we can learn from it, our daily 24/7 is a great fuel for our economy.

Everything about Holmes was artificial. Deep voice, a feeling of gravity or an attempt to power more. Ин Bad blood, notes that one employee briefly entered the upper register before correcting the course: "In his hobby, he forgot to add the barite." The model of black turbulent clothes showed respect to Holmes's hero, Steve Jobo, and also paid great attention to her zeal.

The green juices he drank, as well as the food, were indifferent to physical targets. He highlighted the importance of traveling safety information. The more you look at (and the more you can see), the more you start to think about the approach that he offers, especially this is a great deal It will not be forgotten after the conflict. Did she read the habit of deliberate scrutiny, read it as an unusual feature of other women who used to learn how to use it and reduce time? Or was it simple, not like most of us, it was not good with glasses?

Holmes has highlighted the importance of the importance, some of which are like male voices, and are aimed at combating gender luggage, which have become men's associations. Others claim to be surprising, genius, chosen. "He has a unique quality – he is a member of a monastery," says Henry Kissinger, many ladies Holmes is considered to be her ally. Intelligent. In the same book, New Yorker Ken Aetettas says he "married Theranos", but of course, he had a romantic relationship with the president and chief operating officer of the company, Solnechny, Balmini. the potential difficulty that it has agreed not to disclose to the board of directors.

Holmes did not share anything – for example, Theranos did not have an idle product, or the product it tried to make was not possible. Intelligent, according to a former employee, they contradict the laws of physics). People who pushed back against the timeframe or direction of the company were dismissed and replaced. But it was not a fake word that allowed Teranos to continue for a long time; many of his investors did not want to know details. They want to believe in the purchase of what they sell, which means that one can save the world at the same time, and the best way to do this is to put a lot of money into the hands of a big man who does not put many uncomfortable questions.

The Elizabeth Hallmark industrial complex has developed many projects and future adaptations. If there is enough audience to support and discuss competing Fyre Fest movies and at least two of Anna's development projects, then in fact, the sky is limiting to Theranos. As a dispute, it does not disseminate and participate – as a story, it all exists. It is also another payment, which is currently felt as an infinite season of fraud. which proves the funny thing about how VC funding works; he says that it is very scary to recognize the technician as geniuses who often become full-fledged and can change the world instead of those who are not ready for the consequences of their companies' actions.


Inventory: In Silicon Valley for blood

Also, this is Elizabeth Holmes, who also feels astonishing to be true (and maybe not). It was a sophisticated thing to be a modern seamstress, because it was just like it. He was the General Director who spoke as a rescue. Later Intelligent, his illustration of which rescued his brother from cancer, which was not detected early for his rescue. It is a tragic incident and it is good – unpleasant and reliable. Then the camcorder reverses a variety of speeches or media outlets to show versions that play on adjacent screens – a personal tragedy of advertising mythology, another important element of the corporate story.

As the growth and decline of Teranos have matured for endless explanations, we have turned our past stories on the golden face, the face and the screen. This made it possible for the news, decades, and days to escape. It was astonishing that after the college's dispute at the beginning of this week, it was possible to see the speed of the scandalous book. At the start of the story, people in Twitter began to predict what images the media would adapt to – Law and order: SVU episodes, Life Movies, Alex Gibney, directors, directors.

Is it really the masterpiece of Ezra Edelman's 2016? O.J.: Made in America film or television, less than medium-wage struggle – on the one hand, they wanted to demand 467-minute ambitious efforts on their own because it was studied with racial, class, gender and American history and was rarely rich. It was a matter of people's insistence that they could come from the walls of noise and join in the conversation. This is one of the most realistic examples of our reflection of our news process – this is the kind of documentary or scenario thinking that actually appears in the past few years.

Needless to say, it is necessary to revisit the controversy over contemporary tape by focusing on such issues as Lorena Bobbyte, Anita Hill and Monica Levinski. Leave Neverland We have asked Michael Jackson, our relationship with the celebrity, and how open we are in the open. Everyone has a podcast, You are wrong …, Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall agree with journalists that use all the attitudes from Satan's panic to Amy Fischer. However, as these double proofs prove, these events do not need to be repeated. News is already very fast, and social media allows you to keep track of stories and real-time events.

It's a way of reversing our scenes and adaptation steps and looking at what we did, because we feel like we've lost a lot of things. It is a great deal of work to do – even after decades or months – with some progressive steps in our understanding, we still have points and concepts that we still do not know for different blinds.

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Elizabeth Holmes, San Jose, USA January 14, 2019 by Robert F.

We lived in the middle A long-awaited review of who's talking about stories and entertainment stories and how those events will affect them. We have been in the presidential elections three years ago, which has proven how much the media consensus can be missed. These films and mini-sessions are, of course, about the subjectivity offered as objective truths and, of course, the idea of ​​increasing the wisdom.

Elizabeth Holmes seeks to convey to us what he wants in a conversation, the moral message of the message, and its openness is not important. It was mainly because of the men's investor base that they could rely on themselves because it created a strategic gender inequality that had been disarmed. He was a feminist sign in his industry, his award-winning technics, and he finished the film directed at the employee: "I always have a woman with iron near the glass roof." In the media it was a picture of human rights, and the cost of the temporarily calculated arrays was happy with her work.

If the story of Holmes is of great importance, it is not just about someone's technological industry, nor about venture capital, but about the pressures of the media. It is also a prudent hero who needs to reconcile the figures and events in the real world with unusual events – the intention to brew them up to a great deal of importance sometimes enhances us, and does not pay attention to the fact that there is more to the event than the direct messaging.

The growth and decline of Teranos does not contradict one explanation, since it is unclear, that it offers various amazing details and instructional lessons. With Holmes's dog, he did not read the story of Holmes, who continued to live with Balta and her husband. He also wants to write a book or to make a document – and how can it be viewed and even flashed? ●

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