Thursday , August 11 2022

Wolves 128, Spurs 89: Demonstration


In the first quarter, the acidic warning for the wolves ended, and Pattie Mill began to produce "Sports" in three people. Gorgue Dieng and Robert Covington checked the beginning of the second quarter, wolves accompanied by the main tables of Tus Jones, Derrick Rose, Covington, Derio Saric and Dieng. In the first quarter of the second quarter, Dien shot Mill, and jumped from the other side. It was a sign of future events.

Six minutes after the game, Andris Viggins cleared the dust, the second wave of the wolves was 19-4 and the score was 47-29. These wolves were able to break the strokes 128-89 incredibly, and the wolves could not protect them. The victory wolves wandering on June 11 11 and questioned the most impressive show of the years, and one of them suddenly managed with a joyful and efficient stand group.

This was the perfect defense product of wolves with a total of nine missing points in the second quarter thanks to the strength of this second division led by Robert Covington, who captured the Sprer by 58 points in three quarters. As we have been discussing for a long time, RoCo completely changed the defense of the wolves, and today it is remarkable. Their strengths and their commitment to security are simply what we just did not see … Do I think the days of primary KG? Covington, as usual, was scared everywhere, and this night turned his shooting into insult. He finished the lead wizard of 21 wolves and was +44 in 31 minutes. It is difficult to surpass the difference in the team.

Their help and recovery were always vigorous, but they were hunting for stealing and stealing (they were ending with 12 thefts at night), the painting was aggressive all night long, the adults showed up and packed them a new wrinkle. These cities were especially good examples) and their approach was appropriate. This is a masterful skill of all deserving heroes.

Finally, they forced the "Sprister" to rise to 40 per cent, making 18 turns. They did not allow anybody to go and refused to renounce the easy thing.

The wolves had seven players in two copies, and after they finished 18-41, the arc overwhelmed a great deal of damage after the game – with Josh Oxogy's special loud voices, three out of the three trash-dawns. It also states:

In fact, the wolves were dominant in this painting, with 58 points of paints and 22 second points. They efficiently held the ball, with more than 50 assisted baskets added to the 33 assistants, made the extra ride and often faster and more active than the Spurs, which was the last in the long journey.

John, later the wolves return to the night with the reactions of clothing, so let's finish it with some remarks:

  • It was one of the best defense games ever seen in Karl Anthony. Defended it, helped it and rebuilt it, hedged it in several PNRs – it's everything we want, with 16 points, 11 boards and five assists. Wonderful.
  • Derrick Roos continues shooting: 6-8 overall, 4-5. In the game 16 points.

  • As I said before, the wolves are stolen in an unprecedented amount – 12 more nights. This is a major factor in their success.
  • I know this was a trash, but Josh Okogia reminds us why. 10 minutes, 12 points – 4-7, 2 tiles, 2 assistants, theft, wages, and, yes, three fouls. It looks like a small Roko.
  • The Sprister was not ready for the attack of the second quarter, and at that time there was no struggle to return to it. They come out of the gas.
  • Get started with a great wand home stand. 5,500 children!
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