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? Your digital ID can be sold at Dark Web for a price less than $ 50


November 8, 2018

Many people know the value of stolen information, even though many people have heard or even suffered from cybercrime and identity theft. New research by Kaspersky Lab shows that our identity is not a big deal for the dollar, but an important resource for criminals. The study found that cybercriminals had an appetite for data that was stolen by accessing popular services, including accounts in social networks and gaming websites.

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Confusion about the value of the user data can lead to theft of theft and a very simple, safer strategy for committing the crime.

As a result of safety, people may have a limited resale cost, but can be used by many. It can have great consequences for a person who may lose money, influence the reputation of a person, and even be debited by someone else's name, or may even be suspected of another person's involvement in the crime committed during his or her own use.

Kaspersky Lab has studied dark Web markets for how valuable personal data is and how cyber criminals use it. The company's researchers have found that cybercrimeers can sell a full digital life of less than $ 50; remote access to accounts, bank details, servers or computers from stolen social networks, and even data about popular services, such as Uber, Netflix and Spotify, as well as credit card information, gaming sites, dating apps and pornographic sites.

At the same time, researchers have a lower price for a single broken bill, most sales are about $ 1 on the account, and criminals offer discounts for wholesale purchases.

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The most common way of criminalizing this type of kidnapping is through phishing campaigns or by using the vulnerability of the web connection in the software software. After a successful attack, the criminal gets a lot of information, including a combination of emails and passwords for hacking services. Since many people use the same password for many accounts, attackers may use this information to access accounts on other platforms.

Interestingly, some traffickers guarantee their customers lifetime, and if the account fails, the buyer will receive a new charge.

"The destruction of data is a great threat to all people, and it is also used individually and socially because the stolen data finances many social issues. Fortunately, we need to know how to avoid it, including by knowing the cyber security software and the amount of data transmitted, especially in public information or in social media profiles available to organizations, "said David Jacoby, chief security researcher at Kaspersky Lab.

Users can avoid such threats by performing a number of security measures that should be an integral part of any digital user's life:

  • In order to protect against phishing, always verify that the link address and the sender's email address are original before printing. A strong security solution will alert you if you try to access the phishing website.
  • Do not use the same password for multiple websites or services so that they do not endanger all numeric data identifiers. Use a special password manager app to troubleshoot harmful hackers' password generating and remembering them.

Visit to read the full report about data value in the black market.

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