Tuesday , January 31 2023

A severe attack on a referee who does not like Venezuelan football


Minasoro and Caracas FC B They took the 1st place in the Cocodrilos Sports Park in Caracas last Sunday – the fifth day of the promotional campaign. The Third Venezuela division, a party that ends with violence.

Judge Grigory Gonzalez He soon succeeded in reaching Caracas's goal. There, the players and the "injured" technical team started hunting against the judge.

The police entering the playground could not stop the toughest players thrown to the referee when they ran to court. When he hit, he fell to the ground he got hit by the head, he left it unconsciousshould be taken from the siblings and transferred to a nearby hospital.

"The team is working hard internal and external encouragement of fair play values, sports skills and respect for judges, "said Caracas.

For his part, Minasoro rejected violence against the referee, but his last game «Nefarius».

"We want to say that we refused the referees' performance of Grigory González, who repeatedly made mistakes against Minasoro, including even having a dog for gestures, but then "unclear"; it would be a "norm" in all kinds of games, where it was "all the damage".

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