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Aaron Jones of Green Bay Packers – Colossae of the 10th week


Until now, we have not come to the campaign for the first time, no security guards have appeared in the weekly list of events. There were no good performances at this quarter-round meeting, but there was no miracle on the Sunday session. On the contrary, the runners put a round play on triumphs in several groups,

There is nothing wrong with revenge, and for Johns this is the weekend.

The "Green Bay" racket was personally responsible for the death of Packers and Aaron Rodgers in the last days of the "New England Patriots" thanks to Ball's failed defeat. .

As it is not enough, Packers has made a list of players who have recently made clear mistakes in recent days. It was also accompanied by a Ty Montgomery team who sold Baltimore Ravens with Jermen Whitehead after the start of the game and the series survived. Pats Grace's "Robbery Attack New England" shoots a child who looks like a yellow towel.

Jons had the opportunity to rescue himself on this weekend and he squeezed it out completely: he drove 145 yards and 15 degrees to 15 degrees, three tracks in 27 yards in Miami Bay, in Miami Dolphins. , From 31 to 12.

Green Bay is still missing enough to qualify for a candidate. They are placed in NFC North, Chicago Bears and Botswana Viking. However, Johns Hopefully, the group game would be a great help in the second half of June.

Calling, but for the Green Bay campaign, Johns can not be immersed as Jim Taylor. But the best player in the Jones season is that if it does not depend on Roger, it will be clear what happens.

All last week, Green Bay fans forgave Aaron Johns apologizes. AP image


Nick Chubb, RB, Cleveland Brown: One of the most frequently asked questions on local radio broadcasts after Hugh Jackson's dismissal was Cleveland's re-winning season. The answer has shown a positive result, and most thanks to Jubbons for the performance of Chubb, who has less chance to run. In the second half of the day, the attacker drove the ball 20 times to 176 yards and took another jacket for 33 yards. Later Michael Baker Michael showed good results. Falcons Chubb is the longest in franchising history at the 92nd Courtyard break.

Eric Ebron, TE, Indianapolis Colts: Finally, there is no doubt in the region that Colc's favorite purpose is. Ebron caught three roads for 69 yards with two cranes, and once attacked the 1st courtyard of the Indi 29-26 victory for the terrible protection of Jacksonville Jaguar. South Africa's balance was damaged, with the lovers of Jaguar in the basement, and the rest of the teams fought for a post-seizure.

Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Dallas Covboys: In Dallas, there are no secret of Dallas, as they win the Dallas striker plays: they always have to feed Elliot for winning. Philadephia Eagles, the defending champions of the Super Bowl, Elliott scored the ball 191 times in 151 yards and ran for 36 yards in another yard. For those who like greetings, Elliott leaps to our attorney Tré Sullivan and takes photographs, which, of course, will be a poster. Now everyone in Dallas knows that geniuses in long pants are just about what they know.

Right now, Malvin Gordon and Chargers have 7-2 notes. AP image

Melvin Gordon, RB, Los Angeles Zargers: The next day, Gordon returns to this list. In this regard, at Bolts 20-6, during the overwhelming defeat of Auckland Riders through their black holes. Gordon spent 18 sq. M 93 sq m, but also distributed 72 yards to five receivers to keep six winnings of the Chargers.

Triac Hill, WR, Kansas City Head: I was not able to send Kansas City's player for the week, for Hill has raised his hand. With seven yards and two catchers for seven yards and two catchers for a catcher, Hill helped with the help of seven viscos at the start of the day, opposing the opponent, helping win 26-14 victories at the Arizona Cardinals. .

LeSean McCoy, RB, buffalo bills: Unexpected surprise was the defeat of New York City's two New York squads. The most important player for the victory was McCoy, the new referee of Buffalo Matt Barclay. A runner with a 113-meter yard and two gliders in 26. The first point went through a 28-degree break, which set the goal and set the pace, less than a minute before the first half of the second game, when it was 31 at the 1st.

Allen Robinson, WR, Bears: After two days of losing his illness, the bear was called up to take revenge with Robinson, and the respondent replied. Taking sixty, 133 yards and two tricks, that day on Mitchell Trubski, Robinson could not beat Chicago at a good time. The bear won Detroit Lion 34-22 and won 6-4 and remained in the AFC Nordic Tournament.

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