Friday , September 30 2022

Assigning post-mortem advertising to the killed inspector in Maracaibo


On Friday, August 16, Cicpc's National Directive issued a post-calm postcard to Inspector Carlos Daniel Noguera.

The governor died on the way to the western town of Marakeibo, on the road to Los Bucharest, throwing grenades.

The aforementioned violator and the detective body's commission met on Wednesday night, 14 August. In this case, the winner fell and six bicycles were injured.
National leader of Cicpc, Douglas Rico, said depression was a part of Yeico Massacre.
Nugera's body was delivered to Caracas on Thursday at 15 A
This Friday, the police said: "Cicpc board of directors today will award our hero Carlos Noguer with the Order of the Postmortem Rebellion and the Honorary Diploma of the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigation Corps".

The official was 36 years old, of whom 18 were detained for the detective.

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