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Awesome! What diseases can be prevented by drinking coffee


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(Caracas, 10 November – Europa Press). – Drinking morning coffee can protect not only energy and entertainment, but also protection Against the development of Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease, According to a recent study by the Kremlin's Brain Institute in Toronto, Canada.

"Consumption of coffee, the risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's development is diminishing," says Dr. Donald Weaver, a co-founder of Kremlin's Brain Institute. But we wanted to know why, what kind of compounds they are involved, and how they can affect the cognitive decline associated with their age. "

Dr. Weaver has sought the help of Dr. John Wong, a medical chemist and biologist. Explore three different types of coffee: light-brown, black-fried and black-fried deco-free.

"In our initial experimental tests of caffeine and caffeine, the initial caffeine has the same potential, so from the beginning, its protective effect should not depend on caffeine," he explains.

Later, Dr. Mancini discovered a group of compounds called phenylindanes that emerged as a result of the process of roasting coffee beans. Phenylindano is unique because they contain amyloid beta and mountain, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's are studied in studies that do not allow the concentration of two proteins in the middle. "Thus, phenylinds are double inhibitors. It was very fun and we did not expect it. " Dr. Uiver admits.

Roasted roast can be protected rather than roasted because coffee roast can produce large quantities of phenylindrine. "For the first time researching the interaction of phenylalanine with proteins for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's," says Dr. Mancini. The next step is to examine how useful these compounds are and if they have access to blood or blood-brain barriers. "

The presence of natural anti-synthetic compounds is also a great advantage, Dr. Viver admits. However, She acknowledges that much more research is needed before she can go into potential therapeutic options. "This study has epidemiological evidence and shows that there are some useful coffee components that can help prevent cognitive drowsiness. It's fun, but do we recommend coffee treatments? Absolutely not, "he warns.

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