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Boxer Jose Angelo Mantecilla Death from Naples Boxer Jose Engelle Mantecilla Deaths from Naples



Cuban-Mexican boxer Jose Angel "Mantecilla" Napoleon died at the age of 79 in Mexico City this week because of many complications.

President of the World Boxing Council Mauricio Sulaiman announced the death of the great fighter born in Santiago de Cuba on April 13, 1940, and moved to Mexico at the age of 21 before the rumors that the revolution would ban professional boxing. he was later

"My great lamentation has vanished, and in recent times I have had trouble; and, now, the legend about the "fat" begins for a generation who did not see it, "wrote Suleiman on Twitter.

Naples has a great hit, with strong, fast and good technique. As a heavyweight professional, he fought in 81 fights, 54 defeats, 7 defeats and 15 world titles.

The ring artist. The Rhythmic "Sugar" praised Ray Robinson, the fighter – WBA and the ring artist, who won the first WBA title in April 1969, with Curtis Cocks knocking it out. revenge

One of the emblematic moments of the "May" race, nicknamed by his nickname for his ability to run against his opponents, was in February 1974, when he agreed to fight Argentina in the middleweight with Carlos Monson.

Mayweather was appointed as the "Special Advisor" of the Chinese Boxing Team

This battle, which won South America, was a natural environment struggling with all the benefits, actor Alain Delon witnessed and became a scene to the great writer Julio Cortarazari to write his best stories about his sport.

"Butler realized that his only chance was for him to make boxing to Monson, as he always did, and his incredible speed was pitch, turned and left, and when he was a champion – twice a day," wrote the author. Hopsot, one of the largest Spanish-language interlocutors.

Naples lived badly in recent years. He delayed his money and died of poverty, with diabetes, sphincter, pulmonary empyema, and other conditions.

Three years ago, writer Carlos Barron devoted his chronicles to his book Compensation time where he performed the words of Chavez Vargas, born in Costa Rica, and discovered some of the little stories of a man who said that he was a Mexican, because "Mexicans are born where we can win".

Barron said in his work that "Yellow Butter" was black bradoon, which turned anywhere he entered. Restaurants and plazas made her happy for her love for the man.

"His favorite place is American Racqua; He comes with a tight pants trousers without warning, and you can see bouncing bills. He was a bad gambler and even more loser, "the Mexican author wrote.

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