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Ciudad cut off the car robbery in Guyana


November 21, 2018 03:48
Updated November 4, 2018 at 4:02 AM

Officials of the Bureau of Investigations, Criminals and Criminalistics (CICPC), who were assigned to the southern Guyana division this week, separated more than two groups of robbery and theft of vehicles in Bolivar.

The first case was detained. All of Toyoteros de Winger's team was created and searched for a variety of situations. The detention was held in El Guo, Puerto Ordaz.

After several investigative investigations, officials from the Scientific Police found that the criminals had stolen Toyota cars, mostly stolen cars, and then sold their parts outside of Siouda Guyana.

Detained: Elio José Marcano Marcano, 34 years old; Jesús Alberto Devera Rodríguez (33) and Jonathan Rafael Devrera Rodriguez (30). Among arrested items: cherry transport, Orinoco, AB558GO tile; another True One, red, XPH-062, Benelly motorcycle, Caferacer 1130, green, and Chevrolet Optra, AFA-32A plate.

Officially restored Toyota's car, Hilux DC 4WD, green, A25CN0M panel; another Toyota Samurai, red, XVF-208; Kawasaki KLR is part and parcel of motorcycle, black-and-white cars and Toyota cars.


Otherwise the robbery and car theft brigade Giovanito, 35-year-old Giovanni Jose Ips Vidal and Victor Manuel Rodriguez Teran, nicknamed Victor El Mono (24).

Japés, on February 2, 2018, had been on October 9, 2018 for anti-drugs drugs, on April 1, 2007 for robberies and illegal arms possession; all in Ciudad Guyana, and Rodriguez made a record for illegal possession of firearms.

The battles were near the Jardin de Orinoco cemetery in Puerto Ordaz, where officials showed Mitsubishi, Lancer, silver, AB721XP. The subjects that saw the presence of the police commander took arms and started the resistance.

Gunpowder, Glock, 17, 9 mm caliber and one more pistol, caliber 380. 5 shells 9 mm; 3 9mm bullets; 3 floor 380; 2 bullets and 380 vehicles.

Truck overrun

Rafael Alejandro Betanko, Omar Alexander Srozzano Akuwa, 23, was arrested in Cicpc, Subdivision Cuudad Guayana, in the Francisco de Miranda area of ​​San Felix.

Both came home and stolen Chevrolet LUV. This case was passed by the order of the fifteenth Prosecutor Office of the Committee.

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