Thursday , August 18 2022

Coinbase supports Ethereum Classic wallet


Coinbase Wallet, the largest single cryptoball in the United States, has offered Ethereum Classic (ETC) support, reports the company's official blog on November 27.

Ethereum Classic 2016 is a result of severe bifurcation, which is due to the difference in Etherum Blockchain (ETH) response to high profile DAO backbone.

Today's blog entry describes the upgrade of Coinbase Wallet's "next days", and then users will be able to view, send and receive ETCs at their addresses. For current users of the Coinbase portfolio, your ETC address will be the same as the current ETH address.

Apart from ETC, Coinbase Wallet ETH supports storage, shipment and receipt and "over 100,000 ERC20 bullets".

As previously reported, Coinbase announced its entry into Ethereum Classic on its trading floor in June, causing sharp increases in asset cost. After the listing was launched in early August, ETC joined the Coinbase Index.

In August, Bittrex purse and cryptobe service added a pair of USD to the US dollar – this month, Robinhood, a cryptoball operating application, has announced its support for this asset.

During this period, ETC ranked 17th among market holders of market capitalization and quoted by CoinMarketCap as having lowered by about 8 percent to $ 4.30 a day.

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