Tuesday , August 16 2022

Diaz is not a solution that does not know whether the FCU-UC president is


President of the University Universities of Carabobo University Marlon Diaz confirms that he does not fulfill the decision of the Supreme Court's House of Representatives, which does not know him as the power, and is a necessary action for the "all" Jessica Bellon.

The student identified by the ruling party proposed "the right of active and passive electoral right, as well as the right to participate in the constitutional proceedings set out in Articles 62, 63 and 70." The actions of Lucy Eduardo Leon, who had been charged with seizing the Student Election Commission for the publication of Diaz, which had collected over 5,000 votes in the TDC, were "incomplete and illegal."

"This decision is another step on the part of government students. We do not have legal support, we do not allow it to ignore, "Diaz said.

It was announced by the Student Election Commission "legally elected in 2017" after the students' election, despite the violence from groups that were supposed to be associated with the governing party after the 14 November elections.

"We have a few minutes for a student to express, and they have a sentence that is beyond the university autonomy. The court does not decide what the future of the student is, "he said before he broke the document from TSJ on Tuesday night. Carabobeño. He asserted that this measure was an attack on the student department and institution. "The government wanted to attack UC; He declared himself an enemy of the university. Students are relaxing and loud because they do not restrict the right of the student to vote. "

This was reported by UC Rector Jesse Divo de Romero Carabobeño Lawyers at the Legal Advisory Service visited Caracas and learned the ampere conditions. "The university has its own mechanisms to address its problems, and it is being decided through the University Council, its government and the joint government," he said.

According to him, the University Council does not allow "external agents to take decisions and to interfere in the development of their powers and jurisdiction."

Deny Secretary of the Central University of Venezuela Amalio Belmonte has accused Yunus Rosa Hudbal Roya Yunis Bella of speaking at Unefa National Council of Universities yesterday. "We abandon the right to speak for the legitimacy of actions that undermine the democratic character of the CU and the popular will of the student community."

In Belmond, it is a violation of the Constitution and the autonomy of the University, and "About legalization of a young woman who has lost 80 percent of the vote, appointing a lenient president".

"We do not know Bella as president of the FCU-UC because the opinions of the students were different, and it was connected with the government's violence in the elections and the intervention of the governor Rafael Lakava," he said.

Prosecutor General Luis Ortega Diaz said in his Twitter account that "it proves that tyranny is able to grab agencies guaranteed to commit crimes and run over Venezuela." He urged "not to admit a criminal decision that violates their rights".

Autonomy of Wolner University

The Center for Peace and Human Rights at the Central University of Vienna, the Human Rights Commission of the University of Zulu and the University Human Rights Observatory and the Supreme Court have ruled that the University of Carabobo ordered the insistence of the government candidate Jessica Bellon.

"The decision of the House of Representatives proves the state policy aimed at violating the autonomy of the university and academic freedom, as 50 decisions of the court from 2010 to 2018 have been documented as a violation of these rights," the statement reads. .

They demanded respect for the country's autonomy of the state and the election results recognized by the University Council of the University of California.

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