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I will not join the Gorrín or Andrade stones


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Emily Saracen / 28 Nov 2018. – Popular TV channel Luis Chatting, after requesting his son Alejandro Andrade, decided to publish a video on Facebook, saying he did not want his message to be "added". Five years ago via Twitter.

"I answer two groups in social networks, the first one is unspoken, and the other is churches, the only thing they want to do is to make a dirty act of delivering Venezuelans," Chating said. video

And he continued, "In the last few hours, I've tweeted the twelve-year-old Twitter I've talked about Seguros La Vitalicia, and I think Raul Gorrin and Alejandro Andrade believed that people were involved in my article. that is impossible ".

He also said, "For God, if there is nothing that can not be cut off, it is connected".

"In my opinion, the most important thing is to celebrate justice, but for the crimes committed in Andrada for 10 years, and nothing to do with Horrine, we see what's going on in the case of Garrins," he said.

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