Monday , January 30 2023

In 2019 700,000 houses will be delivered


Caracas.- Bolivar President Nicolás Maduro on Thursday awarded the governor of the Bolivarian Revolution Hugo Chavez in Caracas on the 23rd of January in Guatemalan de la Montanilla.

Under the direction of the Ministry's train, the national leader respected the remains of President Hugo Chavez prior to participating in the Venezuelan Venezuelan Congress (GMVV) and providing up to 2,300 homes. 000

He also said that by 2019 Carnet de la Patria will provide about 700,000 new homes and bring them to 3 million people, reports AVN.

In his speech, he approved the resources for purchasing, self-help and housing expansion through a well-known housing system, both within GVVV and the National Housing Fund.

"I acknowledge and publicly announce extension of loans extended by the National Bank through the Housing and Banking Bank through the Housing Fund," he said.

This amount is 2 thousand 655 million tenge. He said the tenge should be completed and 61 thousand homes should be completed throughout the country.

Over 2 million 264 million bollywoods were approved for the construction of the 1661 house in Cork, which is located in the heart of Cuudad Tiuna.

1st Congress of Venezuela

For its part, the Viviendo Venezolano Movement presented the President's conclusions and recommendations to the First Living Venezuela Congress held throughout the country.

It has also been declared stable.

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