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It's no surprise that the NFL's refusal to play in Aztec

This was a real shame as to what the administrators of the Azteca stadium were doing during the weeks before the NVL match. We had a game between two important contenders. It was named Super Bowl XLII ½. We see two MVP candidates for Todd Gourley and Patrick Magomess. And no longer is the game held in Los Angeles for unfavorable cases.

On October 12, I was in the final concert at Shakira, and I saw the court one day later. THE FIRST PAGES HAPPENED! Ten days ago another big concert and a soccer match in Agtecke was held on Saturday.

Who made those decisions? Despite all the circumstances, it was time to recover the court. Wembley did not look good this year, but they are not like pies, which turns the platform "Azteca". Some say that life does not spin around the NFL, and maybe they are right, but the decisions taken by the Azteca administrators also make the League of Legitimate MX players and teams insecure and threatened, including those who belong to the group who are risky to play.

I am sorry to make my decision, but I noticed that I was not surprised. Looking into the future is still in sight. NFL has been around for 10 years since it decided to return to Mexico. The first two experiences have caused problems, but in general, teams have a good experience. In fact, I thought the NFL was the idea that the Super Bowl would be Mexico for in the future. There is a convenient schedule for hotel infrastructure, organizational capacity and TV.

Now I hope NFL will return to Mexico next year or sooner or later.

I hope I'm not right, but I'm afraid I'll be right again.

The most tragic thing is that it affects American football in Mexico, which has always been given to their teams and the NFL. I am with you

Who is Tennessee Titans? OK, OK, OK, they seem to be the former Houston Consort and play in the South Division of the American Conference. Despite having many fun fans in Mexico, they are not many.

I have a question about what's been going on in my NFL lattices recently. Did they play well and could steal the reputable LA Chargers in Dallas, was not that bad, and did this completely erase patriots from the field? Or were they the team that threatened Baltimore 0-21 losing Buffalon?

I adapt to the first version. I had the opportunity to read them in the 9th week's MNF, and I watched a game against Pats. This is a team that is slowly taking over the identity and character of the head coach Mike Wrapel. The Vabel Report is a magnetic person who makes the most of the players. This is a hired version of the Titans despite being a common head coach and a common defense coordinator in Houston. There is also confidential information.

My son worked with Raul Jr., Houston Texas three summer. At one time, there was a joint exercise with 49th Santa Clara. One day, after a long working day, my son and his colleagues were late closing to the hotel, but at the hotel shop they sold beer. They started cleaning the refrigerator. There were several boys. Soon the trainers got the same experience when they came to the bar, including Vrabel. My son and friend suggested that we share the beer birds with coaches. It brought them many points. At the end, Vrabel spoke to my son and gave him $ 100. He was the only coach who recognized them.

Since then, they have had a relationship that is still going on. When Vrapel was hired by Tennessee, my son sent him a greeting. Vrapel answered him less than five minutes.

Raúl is currently working with Jacksonville and has had a conversation with him before the game. This may be a trivial event, but it is a characteristic of a human being. According to Raul, Vrabel has a unique personality and players' responses. It is visible on the playground. All teams are forced to forget the challenging moments and games. Good teams learn from these experiences and use them to improve and improve. Today, they have won two defense conferences. The south division will be interesting in the last part of the season.

The current leader is Houston, a free week after six consecutive wins. The defense began, after all, J.J. Watt and Jadio Cloney are full. The fall of Will Fuller changes the design of the infringement, but Demarius Thomas hired something. Fuller has no speed, but Denver has shown that he can be a dangerous buyer.

Indianapolis also rises. Finally, they collected a very offensive line of Andrew Lacks. They are T.Yu. but could not handle the ball well. Eric Ebron plays with Detroit as the first round. Protection is still developing, but there are two positive factors. They play the ground well and make 14 turns. We know more about going to Tennessee this week.

Jacksonville was pleased with the division. Last year, after joining the conference championship, the arbitration was favorite of many to reach Super Bowl, which was deprived of the arbitral award. Jaguar's duel Cam Robinson, with his left hand, was due to the loss of two major leg injuries and Leonard Furnett. Defense, the NFL's best player in 2017, was a huge disappointment. They have been injured, but this is the case in all teams. They could not recover the level of 2017.

Although it is at a low level in comparison with 2017, nobody will show it except Philadelphia. The truth does not surprise me. I have not included them in the predictions of the teams to reach the playoffs. I had the opportunity to live in the Super Bowl after two seasons, and that's not easy.

First of all, it is necessary to combine several factors to win the Super Bowl. Sometimes there are few injuries, but they were the only way to overcome them. Philadelphia Carson Wentz was able to do it after his disappearance. This year was a challenging, primarily intimidating and defensive. The calendar includes other chapter chapters. Release of the season is short, and it raises the mood.

Before the season's start, there was no change in the Super Bowl defense. They lost Patrick Robinson, the key, and the replacement was not on the same level. The affected line was hopeless due to injuries and low gameplay and missed 1-2 impressions with Jay Ayaji and LeGarrette Blount. On the right, they play 8-8 points in teams where the team can win and have four more matches.

Finally, at the conference, the situation for the patriots is complicated. They explain the advantages of playing at home behind Kansas City, LAC, and Pittsburgh. Pats went on to Super Bowl in Pittsburgh, but in 2001 and in 2004, Tom Brady was much smaller. They lost the right to go to Super Bowl in Indianapolis and Denver.

No, you will not go to Atlanta!

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