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It's three keys to complete it

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There are watchmakers who go to the bathroom. At one time every day. But 12-20% of Spanish people have problems with constipation. Of course, we all had (of course) It is difficult to get to the bathroom at a certain time, a little or a little bit of our lives.

Abortion is The symptom (not sick) is related to our diet and physical activity. But we need to pay attention to our body. Listen to it. When we go to the bathroom, are we going? Or, on the contrary, are we usually repressing this desire? According to the expert, this is important educate the guts. «Daily deposition is not importantas. Lo important should be stable rhythmbut éIt can happen every two or three days, "says Dr Dolores Sanchez, Manzano, EL ESPAÑOL, a medical practitioner at Kirksondaus University in Madrid..

Less than three times a week

When can we conclude that we have a problem with constipation? What would be the frequency we would normally consider? This is explained on its website by the Spanish FDA (FSE)) a tránormal intestine or rhythm a mmaximum three stools a daya or mAt least three weeks of stools.

That is why we would define constipation because "a person with less than three intestinal movements a week, with a small amount of stool, which corresponds to the presence of a stool.s dry".

Any defect can be any rhythm if it does not bother, it's okaysays Sanchez Manzano, "but suddenly or surprisingly, you need to consult a physician or specialist". That is, when we can worry changee properly Typical sedimentation rate. "There are people who have experienced consternation. This fact can be annoying, but it's not a pathgico. But, suddenly, the rhythm of normal deposition changes (every two to three days).or dailyàa) where you can consultation especially if you have a lot of physiciansfrom 40ños, "says a boarding schoolteacher.

Frequently, abstinence occurs in women, in sedentary life, and in dietetic fluid and fibers (fruits and vegetables). Sanchez Manzano explains: constipation is associated with changes in intestinal rhythm or defecation due to pathologies in action at the bottom of the digestive tract. First of all, it is important to remember that "some medicines they change the intestinal rhythm as some analgesiaéand opiates (mostly tramadol), "the doctor said do not abuse the patients.

On the other hand, the second group of patients with constipation is a patient with a recto-analal pathology. "This is often the case for people who suffer hemorrhoids there is a problem of defecation as the defecation action causes them pain and do the inhibitory impediment to appropriate evacuation, "said the expert.

Nutrition, intestinal exercise and bleaching

For the treatment of abortion, "natural moistening and nutrition are sufficient, which is mostly found in fruit and vegetablesh They must be present daily diet"Explains Sanchez Manzano.

Both fibers should be of the same size as an insoluble fiber. "Fiberglass food (fiber milk) does not offer enough fibers rather than direct consumption of fruits and vegetables." Grain crops are also rich in fibers, says the expert, "slowly reabsorption gills cause meteorism (gas), which helps sweat. It does not affect gastrointestinal tract, but it can cause it discomfort and aggression it is frequently encountered in people suffering from constipation and is often associated with gas. "

Diet insufficient or natural fibers, mainly fruits and vegetables – are the main cause of constipation in healthy populations. As reported by FEAD, "consumption of 25-30 g of fibers from different sources" is recommended. So, all vegetables are good for the treatment of constipation, as well as all kinds of vegetables bean cultures.

Regarding the fruits, FEAD says that the fruit is recommended fresh and skin care if possible, for example red brown, raspberry, peppermint, pomegranate, kiwi, fig, plum, pear, apple, peachón, apricot, strawberry and orange. On the other hand, grain crops, if they are variable and integral.

They are also good nuts, they are not roasted or salted, and have olive or seed oil baking or as Aliңor raw In addition to the fact that they are shown in this fund, dissolved broths and infusions. One of the things that most of all helps is to keep the schedule during meals, to eat and to eat slowly.

One of the things we need to consider is the use of lactic drugs, as the expert warns abuse is a topical issue today. Therefore, it is "laccentuate, if necessary, without the abuse of them. There are people who do not use day-to-day depot and do not use treatment. And it is not recommended. It is not necessary when the human health is good. " Recently, Spain's First Aid Medical Society (SEMERGEN) reported), multiple use irritating lacquers they can lead to disorders of the intestine, and may also cause congenital anomalies.

But eating is as important as physical activity. All day long. To prevent abstinence, avoid the settled lifestyle"The mobility of the intestine increases with physical activity. Moving the legs and moving the intestines, "says Sanchez Manzano. Therefore, it is important not only to avoid constipation, but also to exercise everyday health, to move around, and to live in a non-restful lifestyle.

In addition to all this, one of the key factors in solving this issue is our personal vision. It is important for us not to postpone the visit or to opt for the dining. Thus, as reported by SEMERGEN, this is very important let's educate the bowel"Never repeat the evacuation need, do not go to the ministry feeling yourself. Always try to go out in the ministry, and at the same time, go slowly. "

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