Thursday , August 18 2022

Jack May, the richest in China and … Communist – World – Latest news Uruguay and the world have been updated


The mixture was declared by the official body of the ISA "People's Diary". The Daily says that the Chinese Central Committee, which has reached its age of 54, is one of the more than a hundred Chinese (economy of the country, this year is 40 years), which has been honored for its "contribution to reform and discovery."

Mo is not the first, and maybe not the latest Chinese capitalist to join the CPC, but the founder of Wanda Group, Van Jianlin.

According to Forbes magazine, Ma is one of the most successful online stores on the planet, thanks to Alibaba, the richest person in China, estimated at 35,800 million dollars (about 31,600 million euros). Since September of last year, he announced his resignation as President of Alibaba next year.

People's Daily reports that Ma is a member of China, which initiates the Silk Road initiative and plays an important role in promoting the ambitious Eurasian investment program in the Chinese President Xi Jinping's infrastructure. He is also a prominent architect of socialism with Chinese characteristics in Zhejiang province, where Alibaba headquarters are located.

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