Tuesday , January 31 2023

Lying applications on Google Play simulate Metamask, Exodus, and Tether services. | CryptoNews


Malawares researcher Lucas Stefanko detected four fraudulent money stolen accounts for stolen cryptographers or for stealing user credentials that were easy to boot before being removed from the Google Play Store site from Google. In addition, on November 14, Exodus announced that it was posted to another App on the popular download site.

At the Stefanko Google Play Store, the video and video posted on the Web site were downloaded to the following locations to steal all CryptoCards as Tether, the NEO Crypto Wallet purse. Others are "Metamas" and "Exit from Egypt".

False money is concentrated in NEO and Tether cryptocurities. Source: Lucas Stefanko.

Lately-loaded apps were among the first search-in settings for the cryptographic wallet on Google Play. In one case, misuse NEO has since over 100 downloads since October This is a picture that spreads fraudulently.

The application simulates the transaction history, the ability to send cryptographers, and other legal money services, providing QR code and address for transaction processing.

However, compared to a legitimate purse, The program does not have an open key or private key. The QR Code has been activated and users have always had the same boot for all transactions. As this is not enough, since all the key crypto-corrupted criminals have been handed over to the hackers since the private key is in the hands of the criminals.

Stefanko also introduced the wallet's address in a block-dialing system, indicating that the address is all 16 NEOs. The value not specified in the portfolio because it was a misleading screen to get money from third parties.

The program, tokens, and ether management interface used by MetaMasc will ask users to access their private key and password for wallet services, in fact when the credentials are stolen.

One of the most dangerous features of this counterfeit money is that they are called Drag-n-Drop. No need to know about coding, anybody will be able to create their own applications; these attacks may increase.

Exodus from Egypt also issued a warning

The Exodus CryptoCart Portfolio has issued a warning after discovering a fake application on Google Play. An application served for mobile phones. While publishing through Twitter, the company still shows that there is no mobile application, but when they are ready for iOS or Android, they make a huge announcement.

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