Thursday , August 18 2022

Makes an artificial placenta that can explain some of the difficulties during pregnancy


Makes an artificial placenta that can explain some of the difficulties during pregnancy

British scientists reported on Wednesday that they had done an early stage of artificial placenta. It can be an experimental model for people to understand why men are pregnant or even interrupted.

"If the placenta does not work properly, it may cause serious problems, such as pre-eclampsia or self-abortion … But our knowledge about this important organ is very limited," said Margertita Turco, the lead author of the study. Nature in the scientific journal.

As a rule, the first experiments with animals on the potential and reliability of new treatments are performed. "Human placenta is very different from the rest," said Ashley Moffett of Cambridge University at a press conference, working for more than 30 years in the culture of placenta.

Its group is isolated and grown trophoblast cells that appear only after a few days of fertilization, and then into a placenta and film breakthrough.

Thus, scientists have created what they call the "minibascente" that plays the truth in vitro and produces hormones and proteins that change the metabolism of women in pregnancy.

They believe that this model will make a good study of the abnormalities of placenta, which does not allow the embryo to load properly or prevent pregnancy.

According to the World Health Organization, in 2015, around 47,000 women died of preeclampsia due to high blood pressure because of excessive intake of urine in the world.

The artificial placenta may also cause the mother to see how the medication will affect the placenta, and how some infections break out of this natural barrier – the Zica virus, and others, even though it does not look like a donkey.

Last year, the Cambridge team recovered in the uterine mucosa, which implants the umbilical uterus and implants the placenta during pregnancy.

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