Sunday , August 14 2022

McDonald's manager did not rule out tomato sauce (+ Video)


McDonald's restaurants seem to be the favorite places for many people to make public debates, and in the past few days, they have become one more video virus that collides with each other.

A woman who did not have breakfast at a fast-food restaurant dropped a small bag and went to the store manager in Santa Ana, California, USA.

According to police, the suspect came to the restaurant and asked for a sauce for food, but it was all too complicated, as it was said that he did not have one.

An annoying woman entered the house through the back door to complain to McDonald's manager and it was all too complicated.

The woman asked the manager about the ketchup bags, but they asked her to leave the area automatically for the employee, who started beating her and the other employee tried to pay attention to her.

In YouTube's unusual snapshots, you see the unexpected client penetration in the supermarket, entering the restaurant, approaching the aggressor, stopping it and issuing it.

"The suspect came to the restaurant from the back door and asked for a ketchup. When the manager told her she could not be in that area, the woman began to attack her ", the local police said.

Redacicón Gossipvzla. Source: RT

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