Sunday , August 7 2022

Morgan Stanley uses Spanish banking and pays the consequences of BBVA


© Reuters. A picture of the BBVA headquarters – Spanish Banking it did not start well on Tuesday Experts depend on the change in their offer at their target price Morgan Stanley (NYSE :). The most affected by the new analysis of the analytical department of the International Bank is BBVA (MC :)), which is over 4%.

In fact, the former head of Francisco González is the most cost-effective. In this regard, Morgan Stanley reduced its target price to 6.3 euros.

Other organizations that have influenced Morgan Stanley's point of view Banco Santander (MC 🙂 and Sabadell (MC :)). The bank, headed by Ana Botin, will cut experts' potential from 5.9 euros to 5.8 euros. After the political instability, the Catalan Bank, which replaced its headquarters, saw that it lost 1.75 euros for 1.45 euros per share.

However, Banco Santander maintains interest rates at the auctions, and Banco Sabadell loses 1.5% of pessimism.

Caixabank (MC) company has been defective

The only bank that Morgan Stanley won was Caixabank. Experts raised the target price of the stake up to 5 cents for 20 cents.

It should be noted that "Kayksabank" has offered a new one Company's strategic plan. Thus, the organization expects to set targets for 2021 and expect it to reach 12% in the next two years, compared with 10% now.

For this purpose, the bank explained that the managed clients' resources should be increased. This means that 43% of these funds should come from long-term customer acquisition and insurance.

Despite two news stories about Cai-Hanka, the market returns to the bank's securities, depending on the beginning. Decreases by 1% and 3.68 euros.

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