Saturday , June 19 2021

NFL supports CDMX headphones, regardless of field worry

Getting Images Manuel Velasquez

The NFL is determined to celebrate the game on Monday the next Officials in Kansas and Los Angeles Rams said in Mexico's "Azteca" stadium, in ESPN sources, that despite the serious concerns of the gambling situation.

"We work closely with Estadio Azteca and others, and we look forward to seeing the NFL-quality page and looking forward to the game in Mexico on Monday," he said. Brian McCarthy, NFL representative.

According to one source, he believes that he will not play the game yet, and the second one believes that the decision to move the match to Los Angeles will be resolved this week.

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The football match and the celebration of some concerts left the field bad. Leaders and Rams are aware of the situation, and the NFL Association (NFLPA) monitors this situation closely.

NFL representatives are expected to visit the stadium on Tuesday, where they will check the page and make a final decision whether or not they will object to their ownership of the game.

If the game page is not available, the game will be moved to Los Angeles.

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