Friday , June 9 2023

Now you can exchange a text message with Venezuela through CryptoNews


Dash text has been made by BCH with text messages called CoinText, as well as other payment systems based on Venezuelan text messages, as well as with cryptoactive companies that have launched their SMS-transfer service as Blockstream has recently.

The purse works only by short text messages of up to 5 numbers – similar to voicing voice systems that speed up sending or extracting cryptographs based on the company's message.

The company does not hold private keys made by customers, but it does not mean that they will be provided to customers.

Also, although the Dash group ensures that all translations and privacy services are individually private, we must keep in mind that it should be before the users Register your personal data on the operator's platform to get this phone number, which is closely related to the purse and its work because no seeds are produced without it, and even less transactions can be made.

The main purpose of this purse is to provide non-dependent services to the Internet because most people in Venezuela are unable to access the Internet or have no electricity supply in their localities. Also, the wallet claims that people without a smartphone will be on their website.

Currently Dash Text works only with Movistar telecommunication company There are plans for the future to have the same functionality as Digitel and Movilnet, And Venezuelan telecommunications companies.

Likewise, in the future, she started to offer purse services to business in Venezuela. The campaign is aimed at providing an opportunity to purchase goods and services through instantaneous telephone conversations, except for sending money to users.

The Dash team has been working on a beta version of the wallet that Dash customers can test for a month. The project was submitted to the treasury of crypto-currency denominations approved by an organization called Dash-Text-SMS-Wallets a few months ago.

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