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Officers of the oil ministry have denied paying wages

November 13, 2018 12:47
Updated 13 November, 2018 13:15

Oil workers in the city of Leipzig in the city of Caracas in the city of La Campina in Petroleos de Venezuela (Pdwsa) have complained about the breach of the government agency's salary compensation.

Employees first grouped the banners with the right to work on the premises. "Where is the pay?" And "Labor and Social Justice", there were several slogans addressed to the security personnel.

An employee of the institution, Dinis Monilla, has defended the contractual benefits of all employees since October 28, saying he was blaming President Nicolas Maduro for blaming ministries that did not support Maduro.

"We were in a very difficult situation. Dorous Figuerero, director of the Human Resources Foundation, has given workers a guide to disciplinary action. In order to protect the labor rights of the employees, I was separated from my post. work and they ask me immunity, "said Montrond National Internet.

An employee of the institution warned that a child with a disability would not allow the pediatrician to see the eye. According to him, the management of the Ministry Chamba Juvenile plans to replace employees with years of experience.

"I have a disabled child and they do not allow me. They tell me that someone else will be forgiven, and his grandmother has a hearing impairment, which is a great tenderness, and they threatened us now. There was a change for Chamba Juvenil, "he explained.

He assured that contractual breaches were violated and that their budget director would be mercantilist.

"We are asking for respect for our contractual advantages and have hurt us all the issues on our payroll schedule because since March we have not been paid for product bonuses, recreational bonuses or quality of life. They took advantage of the voucher, they made fun, "he explained.

Some workers were worried about taking pictures to show | Photo: Cristian Briceño

Retired from the organization, Miguel Eduardo Maldonado warned that the Ministry's train would limit employees' right to protest.

"We protect our rights as owners of all our employees, as this is rising, first of all, retirees start with us, they remove the bonds, and then they go with the assets and then the staff of the CDCS. We invite you to explain what happens to the authorities, "said Maldonado.

He said that the Bolivarian's salary of more than 1,800 would not be included in the bonds he had received. "As stated in the Decree on Raising the Salary, it now says that the bonds prove to be in wages, and this is not the case, and this growth will no longer buy anything."

He shouted and shouted "join" the staff. When some media came in, some employees were concerned that they were recording. Someone says, "They're already showing and writing to us, and security cameras just work when they are protesting, and we have no choice but to complain.

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