Tuesday , June 28 2022

Pescio Julio Mallorca has won two bronze medals in the world of weightlifting


Weightlifter Julio Mauro has won the World Weightlifting Championship, after which he won two bronze medals in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

Marora was the first to have her first fight in the 148 kg weight category for the first time, and second, she lifted 147 and the third place was taken by Chinese Minhao Huang gold medalist) and Liggin Chen (Silver).

Then he lifted the first chance to 175 degrees in the clean mode, but the 178 and 179 points were in fifth place. In spite of this, the athlete took the third place, 322 kilograms, one silver ring, Minhua Juan, and the golden Ligin Cheng, who lifted 332 kg.

Along with these medals, Majorora won this year at the Cochabamba South American Games and two gold medals in Central America and the Baranilla in the Caribbean. He also won another Panamanic victory in the Dominican Republic. AVN

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