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Pharmmatod, 100 years of history


Farmato, Colombian Country Manager Juan Carlos Salería, talked with El Espectador about coming to our country ten years ago about the future of Venezuela. He also noted that they are still working in their home country, including 1018 closing companies.

1918 Rafael to ZubillaOpened a drugstore in Barkisimeto, Hungary. For years, Farmacia Lara has been a successful pharmacy, with a few sales points throughout the country, and in 1988 it was renamed Farmathodo.

Thirty years later, when Venezuelan inflation is the highest in the world, Farmato continues to work in a neighboring country, and, according to its representatives, they are unlikely to be multidimensional Colgate – Palmolive, Kimberly Clark or Kellogs, who had to leave the country in recent years.

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Pharmmato is based on its business model in Colombia in 2008, and currently has 55 stores in six cities in the country, with a shareholding of 8% in the Nielsen portfolio. In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Company, Juan Carlos Salería, Colombia Country Manager of Pharmmathod, told about the difficulties in the company in Venezuela and plans for consolidation in the national market.

Is this a bad holiday for you?

No, everything built in Colombia at Farmato is a very important achievement. We became a pioneer (self-knowledge) and this is the source of pride. The company has over 100 years of experience and its mission is to provide good customer service. It has changed us constantly.

What is the current situation in the Pharmatode chain in Venezuela?

Venetian pharmmato did not close the shops. However, even with the impact on the economy and its consumption, there is a demand for the product, and we will supply that demand, even if it falls. Today, 160 stores continue to work and this year they have the opportunity to open many discoveries.

How are you working 20 years ago?

Traditionally a successful and successful business. There are more than 2000 employees in the Venezuelan market.

How does the crisis in Venezuela affect the chain as Pharmatodo has?

The issue of delivery in Venezuela today is complicated. In Pharmmato, this issue has good relations with suppliers, they are adapted to the reality in the country. We can not speak about delivery, but there is a very good level.

Do you have a strategy to help you get the medicine or deal with the crisis?

The key strategy is to maintain the operation and to cooperate with its suppliers. There is no delivery, it is clear.

How do US sanctions affect Venezuela? Do you have a conflict with foreign suppliers?

No. In pharmacy works with suppliers working in the country. The current situation causes little diversity, but this allows suppliers to get products from Venezuela through suppliers. We do not have direct import, we are seller Local purchases, as we have done in Colombia.

What products do you have in Venezuelan pharmacy?

This is an important list of diversity. There are no brands that are there, but there is always a replacement general. In addition, they come and then they end. This is not systematic.

What is your drugstore concept?

We have a format free stand, usually a small blue house on the way back home. We are looking for pharmacy as an oasis for the consumer. As a company, we focus on innovation as a key element of our differentiation.

What's the latest news?

We launched a mobile application one year ago and we have restarted all logistics systems that we have reached 35 minutes or less – our virtual channels (applications, websites and contact centers) make up about 20%.

Why did you play in Colombia 10 years ago?

Colombia – Venezuela is very similar to cultural and geographical reasons. And Venezuela has always been a partner in Colombia, traditionally and proximity. Such a tight economy has become a logical step in doing business. Today we have 55 shops in 6 cities.

In Pharmmatod in Colombia do you have any policies to hire Venezuela?

No, there are no Venezuelans or Colombians to hire, and we hire people for their talents.

How do you feel about the funding law discussed at the Congress?

Similar to any of our employers, our point of view is that the measures taken by the government to enforce its financing laws stimulate the entire system. We are confident that a good deal will be achieved that will encourage the establishment of a company rather than employment or demand.

What are you waiting for in the next 10 years?

Today we have 55 shops, and our approach is to reach about 100 people. We strengthen our virtual channels and get the best alternative in medicine, child care, personal care and beauty. And grow to the national reach.

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